Wednesday, November 21, 2012

lazy wednesday

man I love today. just a day of whatever I wanted on the agenda... I got up at 530 even though I was off work today and went swimming my usual morning laps, came home had a good breakfast, picked up a little. watched some youtube videos, cleaned up the house a bit and did some laundry.
 I loaded up the back of my pickup with all the drywall and flooring and vanity and toilet etc from my old bathroom plus a bunch of branches and brush from all my yard projects and what with oklahoma wind constantly blowing down branches etc..and drove it to the local dump, which is really some huge dumpsters that you have to throw everything into.
 One of my sisters had a birthday today so we were all meeting for lunch at her favorite pizza place. my mom even showed up and so did her daughters and my other sister. (I have a brother and sister who live out of town) so we had some yummy pizza and then came back to my place for a cake my mom made and brought. everyone got to see the new bathroom and oo-ed and aw-ed... ha we talked about Christmas shopping and how next year we plan to do NO GIFTS back and forth from us or our parents. I went ahead and told them for this year please shop small for me and what I'd really like would be ankle socks for the gym or a box of interesting large paper clips to use at school or a shower caddy that hangs from the shower, small stuff like that. ha :) I already have all their gifts ready, except dad and my little sister are still on my list.
everyone left within about 45 minutes since we're all going to seeing each other tomorrow and gabbing away with my brother's family and all. I took a nap at some point on the couch after eating all that chocolate cake, then got up eventually and sat on the porch swing and stared for a while, it was SO quiet, with everyone just hanging out at home today and no after school traffic going by, seriously hardly any cars on the streets at all or anyone walking up and down the sidewalks, and just a really nice day, no wind just sunny and cool and AHHHH relaxing! I did some yardwork the rest of the day, putting some plants out in the yard I had in pots and moving some other things and then mulching around some plants with a bag of leaves from last year that had decomposed a bit and felt really nice and rich to throw on the soil around the plants. man there were some big fat worms at the bottom of that sack where it had gotten wet and damp and started turning to dirt living nicely in that bag.
anyone every purchase shirts or clothes from Bonobos? I'm considering how their sizes run... oh yeah. I got my two hats in the mail today from Rugby. I cracked up at how big the box was because although shipping was free, it was also free to get them giftwrapped so i went ahead and requested it even though they were just for me. ha ha. I figured why not? BTW: RUGBY Ralph Lauren online has 30% off Nov 20-22, I'm going back for the wallet and pants! :P hope everyone is traveling safe and getting ready for some good times with somebody tomorrow and a day of thanks. :)

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one way or another we ruggers will "get ya." :)