Friday, November 23, 2012

lazy friday

I've decided to go to Austin next weekend. hopefully I'll have time to get an oil change in my pickup this weekend before the trip.  today I'm cleaning up stuff I always put off like the stack of magazines that pile up and clothes that get folded and taken to my bedroom but not always put away. ha
I was considering what sort of things i want to wear next weekend in austin, and luckily it will be cool out and we're going outdoor put golfing, however if I'm not careful I can over dress and over plan for Austin. you have to remember the sort of hippie freethinking feel of that town and dress down down down. I always end up dressing more for Dallas. ha ha if you get my drift. So I always end up packing outfits and looks and end up getting to Austin and wearing the same tshirt and jeans all weekend. seriously! ha ha
anyway so I already know what I'm wearing to school Friday so that I can jump in the car at 230 and drive directly there. It's about 6 hours drive. blah. I bought him a bowtie and hat marked way down on Rugby Ralph lauren, but I already have a gift planned. I bought an IPOD shuffle on ebay and am going to load it up with my favorite gym mix songs.  I figure it's like the new version of giving a mixed tape. He can either forever enjoy all the songs I load up on it, or erase them and reload his own I guess.
otherwise I'm trying to go through some of my past few months of New York City Time Out magazine for ideas of places to shop and check out while in NYC this December. I haven't made any vital plans for broadway shows yet, the musical Once is on my mind, but I might wait and just buy a ticket seat wherever at the door if I decide to. Nothing big this year really pulling me in as a must see otherwise. I love Gershwin but I'd get annoyed watching Matthew Broderick forever on stage... right now I plan to make a list of certain stores/shops to check out, and then otherwise just get out walk and discover discover discover, sigh and grin!
I'm NOT getting out to any stores today. blah no thanks, I have already bought a few things online today though what with all the free shipping going on and all the tons of emails I keep getting about today's sales.  yesterday was all family and football and now I'm pretty much just waiting for bedlam football tomorrow. OSU vs OU! ah yeah!!! I love both teams and coaches so I just enjoy watching 'em every year.
okay I just decided I want to do laundry and set aside anything for next weekend. hope everyone is enjoying a lazy day off today.
Does anyone have or use a Canon EOS digital camera? I need some suggestions for a good digital camera above or below $500.  I love taking photos and want to go to another level next year than my little Canon powershot elph digital camera... cheers. ED: I've gotten 5 suggestions on a social network all for the same Canon T3i camera... that's what I'm going to save up for after nyc. :)


rugbysex said...

two questions:
1. how many cameras do you have? after reading thru the daninokc archives...i seem to recall a surfeit of cams and shoes. lol. nice we get to benefit from ur love of taking pix! oorah!
2. how many pairs of SHOES will u be taking to austin?

:) cheers!

Anonymous said...

just went to NYC last weekend. I suggest going to williamsburg in brooklyn. very cool and a ton of neat shops and people.