Wednesday, October 24, 2012

what's Dan up to...

hello from my 2nd week of fall break here in OKC... I've been staying up late and sleeping in all week and last. ha.. I'm sleeping heavily due to my busy busy days. I'm remodeling the bathroom.  took me a while to demo everything, then decide what to buy and stock up on and what all I wanted to improve..
I bought lots of tools and supplies and have been back and forth to Lowes and Home Depot just about every day. whoo.. so anyway my biggest projects this week were replacing a flange and the flooring around where the toilet goes, and then the floor, gluing down flooring this morning, and then today putting up the TILE! my wonderful friend A came over and had some food for me and looked at my work. we discussed ideas and went out on the front porch to talk a bit. good times! her wife was at a work dinner and she had been building a bench for her back deck all day.
tomorrow I got the plumber coming over to repair/replace the sink drain and then I hope to install my pedestal sink.  I am also going to attempt the toilet installation tomorrow and get things back to normal around here! I have yard work to do after all before my break is over!!
I'm waiting for the mortar to set, so Friday I plan to grout the tile, and then maybe Saturday put on the sealant, and then and only then hopefully by Sunday night I can shower again. ha
I've been taking baths every night. and it's not yet cool enough to really enjoy laying in a hot bath yet. ha
I had a great college class last night, we reviewed a draft for the next paper, and basically I went arond the room and had everybody explain their topic/claim and we discussed what works of literature might lend evidence for the claim. I'll post pics soon of the project, I'll tell ya one thing, I am anxious to put all I can to pay off the cost of this, so I can start saving up for NYC in Decemeber!!!! ha

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rugbysex said...

Thanx Dan for sharing the remodeling project. Can't wait to see the pix. Is there ANYTHING u can't do? Oorah!