Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I'm just sitting here listening to monks chant on the today show and waiting for a plumber to show up at my house...yawn. okay tv is OFF. I'm pretty sure the plumber was coming at 10:30 and it's 11:00 am now so I'm probably going to call and see if i can postpone it here in a bit.. that was I can maybe go to lunch with some buds downtown.. or not. Dan has been BUSY this week... I'm on fall break so I've taken advantage of the time to tear up the bathroom and get some DIY done. I tore out the shower lining and drywall and now I'm going for the vinyl floor and the sink/vanity. bought some tile this morning, bought some concrete board, before I can move any further along I have to get some pipes redone for the bath tub. switch the two faucet valve to a one faucet temperature regulator and this will also switch out the old fittings and end any leaks. I have the fittings exposed completely on both sides (there is a hallway closet behind the shower which gives great acccess. anyway........blah. lots of yard work projects this week as well> I look forward to doing all of it, especially now that I have last night's class behind me and papers returned. has anyone seen the tape of hulk hogan, big man! it's pretty interesting that he may or may not be with his best friend's wife and that the best friend may or may not be in the room next door. so weird! but it's interesting the idea of how guys are sexual in front of other guys and doesn't always have to mean something gay. same goes for stroking with guys, of course that's different than actual touching each other obviously. the lines are so fluid for guys, why does everyone need labels. blah! okay just a brief thought so I'm not just boring you with my work accounts and daily meals. another thing on my mind lately that bothers me if I think too much about it is this show on tv called "revolution" about the US 15 years after the world loses all power etc etc.. All I can think about is how gloomy the scenario is and why would'nt people leave cities and go to farms, and wouldn't there be an increased birthrate what with nothing else to do? ha but really I keep asking why does that woman have beautifully bleaches blond hair, and shouldn't all the older adults be grey grey grey haired? ha ha. among other things, but I know you have to throw yourself into the fantasy of it all. speaking of fantasy, I'm not sure how any new viewer could turn into the "once upon a time" show and understand anything... another show I've watched once is "grimm" which is creative but again, how could a new viewer suddenly fall. I'll admit they are all entertaining. okay I'm off to call about the plumber. cheers.


Anonymous said...

I'd be glad to take care of "your" plumbing.

rugbysex said...

great offer Larry! oorah! ok mr. okc...i give up...what's DIY? :)