Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tuesday update

thoughts go out to all those with snow and rain and storm and weather happening out east. yuck!!! although I have thoroughly enjoyed the break in news from the election, however it's not worth all the news coming and photos from out north east coast. whoah! I live in "Tornado Alley" here in OKC, so we don't have hurricanes, just huge thunderstorms and such. However while living in Central America I have experienced a hurricane coming right over us one night. I lived on the second floor or an apartment complex on campus for teachers up in the mountains in the center of the country right in the capitol city. It was Hurricane Mitch, it moved directly over the country and then stalled for a bit dumping torrents of rain.. I remember waking up that night many times to the wind and rain just pounding and pouring down outside, I remember lying there thinking, is this building going to fall apart? it was crazy, the next morning of course we went out and saw the destruction, mainly landslides and then all the water filling up the rivers and flooding out the city below... we were out of school for 3 weeks after that, we teachers spent our days going down in buses to locations in the city to help shovel sand and debris from places flooded out. seeing the photos of NYC flooded out makes you really wonder what damage the seawater does and how fast can they have stuff up and running. It's also pretty cool what news you can get just from everyone's posts and tweets with pics out their windows or doors. My week here is off to a great start, had a new girl enroll today, and had two other girls absent since yesterady (they are no longer allowed to attend until they bring their papers proving vaccinations).it's actually awesome in the class missing the 2 girls because the boys act halfway normal without them there. ha, funny how it works that way eh? my college class went well tonight, I tried to do the best I could helping them get ready to turn in a solid essay next week. now to get the rest of the week over with and back to my weekend! ha. tomorrow I plan on getting home from work in time for lots of yardwork while we have this great fall weather going on. (and since I got nothing done outside what with remodeling the bathroom). I bought tons of chocolate candy today for the trick or treaters that come by my neighborhood all night. I feel like I shoudl particpate as someone in the neighborhood etc.. I won't go on about how badly I wish I had my own kids and family blah blah. I'll be painting up trim and walls and caulking this weekend, this week I'm just keeping things going and getting outside and maybe get back to gym!! ugh! I bought a Norse Projects shirt/jacket on EBAY which I'm really excited to see if it arrives. I was super excited to find a deal on Ebay for $70 when the thing is priced at over $300 online. also of course hoping to see it's authentic and all that, but the best thing is the colors are khaki green and blue.. definitely will post a pic once it get's here. I'm still taking baths at night as I'm waiting to shower again until all the tilework is completely finished up. last night I was getting ready to get a bath drawn , and I started wondering if uncut guys feel less naked? I don't know but sometimes I feel like if were uncut I'd just feel a little bit less naked when I'm naked. ha! hope all are having a good week.


rugbysex said...

quintessential daninokc...great post professor!

EX frat man said...

...do we uncut guys feel "less naked"?

not really ... but i can tell you that we feel more than a circumcised guy! that little bit of skin sure does wonders in keeping the nerve endings "down there" uncalloused and a bit more sensitive to touch.

Fr@nco! said...

You were in central America for the Mitch Hurricane! Whoaaa! I am from Nicaragua, and I live in Managua and even here it was a big disaster... The lake went to its max height ever... I remember days after days of raining! Hope everything turns out OK in the US east coast!!! About your cut/ uncut comment... We don't feel less naked ! LOL! That was really funny!