Saturday, October 13, 2012

red and black

what a great start to my two weeks fall break! Although i'd rather have been in AUstin this weekend seeing all the great bands at ACL music festival... well here I am in OKC. woke up and almost went and swam laps but got distracted online somehow.;) had a good breakfast, my usual 3 scrambled eggs minus 2 yolks, bowl of instant oatmeal with golden crisp cereal on top, and 2 bowls of cereal mixing honeynut cheerios with nut and honey crunch flakes...then I checked around outside the house to see how the plants are growing with the bit of rain we had this week, also i put in some ornamental winter kale last weekend around the yard..back in side and got a call from my cousin who has season tickets to the civic center downtown and her friend wasn't going to use her ticket so I got invited. great timing! with all the rain predicted for today I wasn't going to get much yard work done anyway, so I agreed to go. floor seats and all. sweet! got out into the city and started my list of errands, the builder supply and Home Depot to check around for pedestal sinks and tile choices for my shower. I did buy a nice crepe myrtle at Home Depot called Black Diamond Best Red which looks AWESOME for its dark dark purple black home in time to piddle some and change to go see the show. dropped by my favorite pizza place for lunch to go, and then downtown by 2pm. It was a great show. The civic center in okc is kind of strange for shows, they rebuilt it in the shape of a big block with all these levels of seats in back stacked up, and four floors of box seats on the sides. I've been up on the top top top level seats and the stage is as big as watching a tv screen in your living. bleah! I know it's all about making money and packing 'em in for the shows. but still blah. Les Mis was very good, I'd never seen it before but knew a lot of the songs. It goes long and you sort have to follow and assume what's going on in the story, but over all pretty good show. my favorite song was the Red and Black song. all the guys starting a revolution, just really great choral sound. I had a choir director in college who used to say all the time about our Men's Chorus how great a choir of men sounded and he'd always compare it to the sound of a choir of angels since the angles in the bible are generally men. interesting theory, so that always comes to minds when I hear a good men's choir. ha. the next best performance was the guy who sang, stars, an amazingly strong controlled voice. whew! my cousin mentioned she's not a fan of singing dialogue. ha ha, so funny, I love my cousin. she's gets around and gets out regardless or being wheelchair bound. she has Muscular Dystrophy. It was raining when the show was over and I couldnt' believe she didnt' have an umbrella, she said it's too much of a hassle to bother with. So I shared mine and got her back to her car... drove home in a deluge of rain!! man it was sweeping across the street at some points and felt like a hurricane, ha! but good ole Ford Ranger got me right through it. :) oh yeah last night, I got home from school and couldnt' make myself get to the gym, my Veterinarian friend had asked me to meet her for dinner and shopping etc.. so she picked me up by 4:30, and then we went to Penn Square Mall and ran around shopping. mainly I stood outside of a dressing room while she tried stuff on forever at the Brass Buckle. we ate dinner at the food court then shopped a few more stores, after the mall, we went to Ross dress for less. nothing against that place but man was I bored bored bored. then on the way home she wanted to stop at different Ross Dress for less that was on the way, oh man! tomorrow I am looking forward to getting to church in the morning since I wasn't in town last weekend. and see my folks, then I'll be home in time for lunch and then grading essays the rest of the day! cheers, hope all are having a great fall weekend. OU versus TEXAS was also a very awesome game today!


rugbysex said...

Hope you have a great and productive fall break buddy. You go mister and fix up that bathroom. Oorah!

Steve said...

That was some tough duty... accompanying a woman shopping for clothes. Thank God my wife doesn't drag me into such.

Next time just tell her you'd rather watch paint dry.