Friday, October 26, 2012


check out these LED light bulbs, they last 30 years and cost $90 for a 3 pack. and check out the awesomely designed packaging....the site says you can put them back in the cute box when they run out, but good luck finding that after 30 years. ha I got a lot done today, cutting up some trim for the corners in my bathroom, and this morning I installed a toilet, put together a pedestal sink and installed the faucet. I have yet to actually connect the sink up but that's tomorrow morning... I got a p trap today for the sink but I have to adapt it to the smaller tube coming out of the drain blah blah...went to the Lowes for some chromed style drawer nobs, primer for the wood trim, towel rack, shower curtain, rod, rings, etc etc... also got the shower all grouted up tonight, man what a job and cleanup! I'm going back to the home depot in the morning to get more wood trim for around the shower, long story, and then some silicone caulk for everything. My friend A is coming over at some point and letting me borrow her nail gun so I can attach all the trim up on the wall nicely and quickly. I'll probably wait until next weekend to paint everything. I want to relax a bit before my break is completely over, I can even imagine going back to work monday. UGH. the good thing is that last I head November is when I might get moved over to admin, so we'll see, I'm patient enough obviously.. ha hope all are having a great weekend, I'll get a pic of the remodel up soon as I have it all complete...

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rugbysex said...

COOL! how many did you order? :)