Wednesday, October 10, 2012

midweek post

boo hoo, no gym time today, I'll never know if my lil crush was there... :(.. ha ha. I had some extra work to do after school today moving furniture with my friend A. and was going to make it home in time for gym, but my tires were way low when I left the trailer sales lot. I went directly to the local goodyear place owned by a guy I grew up with and he found a nail in each. URGH. so I got 'em fixed and no gym time. just had time to run by the store for more broccoli, milk, and Trix cereal. :P otherwise this week is going swimmingly well. I got about 15 essays turned in last night I'll be grading up until next Tuesday night and I'll be totally putting 'em off since I have the next two weeks off for fall break, lots of time! right? ha I found a plane ticket online last night from OKC to NYC for $312. cha ching!!! I bought that sucker. I'll be visiting Sat dec 15th to wed the 19th.. and on a couch in lower Manattan with a friend. ah yeah!!! I'll start saving up immediately after what I can budget in for the bathroom project. HUGE shoutout to GunLuv for the advice, I'm going to get back to you, I'm studying up and re-reading all the steps. I've got two more days, hopefully I can concentrate on teaching English and make it to FRIDAY! :)


Mike said...

Silly Dan, Trix are for kids!

rugbysex said...

another Christmas pilgrimage to the Big Apple...oorah woot woot!!