Sunday, October 28, 2012

i love army green...

I got this sweater this weekend from quicksilver, don't have the shoes and socks yet.. ha.

the above wool coat looks awesome from Woolrich; nice watch from quiksilver but I'm a true-blue swatch guy! :)  and the shirt, Lacoste
definitely a lot of camo jackets out there this fall, not sure how much it's trending.
the above is from Topman, Quiksilver, and Pendfield-- I remember fall of 2001 when camo was showing up all over the runway and then after the 9/11 attack the camo trend was dropped instantly!


Anonymous said...

Okay. I'm officially confused now. Normally our taste in clothes are completely opposite: I tend to like more of the Ralph Loren/Brooks Bros look (owing to my age) and you seem to like clothes that look (to me) kinda 1950's Austrian, rural, homemade(betraying my lack of what to even call what guys your age wear). But, I like the Lacoste shirt and would actually wear it--which probably means you should steer clear of it. Bill

rugbysex said...

i agree with whatever 123 hahahaha!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should join up and help your country.