Friday, October 19, 2012

friday meal

man I ate so much food tonight... we had a club meeting and I was in charge of getting the catered food ordered. poppy seed chicken/rice casserole, carrots, mashed potatoes w/ cheese and bacon, salad with these really great sweet glazed almond slices, french bread, and choice of vanilla cream, or chocolate cream cake. yum! man I went back for helpings of salad, chicken, and potatoes, and cake, and brownies from the lady sitting next to me who brought homemade brownies with tons of pecans in them. man I was FULL... I gave a ride to this lady who lives near my side of town, she's about 85 and was widowed a month and a half ago. anyway, she cried a little on the way home, but then she was laughing a lot too as we were talking about people in the club and this one lady who she asked for a ride home and she could tell the lady didn't want to.. ha ha. that mean lady!! she lives really close too. I told my friend to let me know any time she needs a ride, call me! she hates being needy though, it' just that she doesn't trust her direction at night for driving and her husband used to help her navigate at night, but now he's gone. I hope she does call, because I'll tell ya, one the old testament can't be clearer on is to take care of widows and orphans! it's my duty clean and simple as that. :)
anyway, on the way to the meeting she asked me what I would do if I had only ten years left to live and I could do anything....she said she figures she's got about ten left. I said travel, but she and her husband already have been all over the world. I got home really late because after taking the lady home, I drove outside of town to my folks' place to give them all the leftover food from the meeting. I did this because my little sister is visiting with her family of four kids, so I know they could eat up the food this weekend. ha
got home and had to sweep stuff out of the bathtub before I took a bath before bed. It's been baths all week while I have everything torn up. I'm working on getting all the supplied and tools I need... tomorrow I plan to start getting up the backerboard and tiling going... I've been watching youtube vidoes for advice and re reading the emails from the GUN! ;)
weather had been excellent all week during my fall break, I have one more week off, so I'm excited to see how much I can get done on the bathroom, plus I have quite a list of stuff to get done on the yard as well.

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rugbysex said...

yowza! you actually eat REAL food. lol.