Sunday, October 07, 2012

hmcmng wknd....

drove up to AR yesterday morning for my college homecoming. this was a reunion year for the class that I became close friends with my first year at college. I already had a year at OSU behind me and two years at a junior college getting my grade point back up before my parents sent me away to AR to a private Christian college. So I came in living in the dorms with mainly sophomores and roomed with a guy who was part of a tight group of friends from the previous year. we lived right next door to two guys C and J. I was instantly accepted and taken in as one of the gang. I loved it so much being with a bunch of guys who were into music and bands, outdoors, Christians. I mean just a completely great churchy bunch of people. (btw the actual guy I roomed with was a music major and late after college came out as gay and we haven't seen him back at school since, but anyway)... I arrived around lunch yesterday, went to my favorite sub place for lunch, then picked up my friend Sh and we went to campus for the homecoming soccer game which was terrible with the cold cold wet weather, so most everybody we were talking to decided to head up to the gym and watch the homecoming volleyball game instead. ha. we were there for about 10 minutes as you cant' really sit in rows and talk to everyone with a game going on... evenutually I made it to my best buddy Jeff's house for pizza with his family, and the my ex gf T met me there and we went back to campus for an English major reunion event at the honors center.. and next around 730, I made it out to J's house outside of town where every one part of the ole crowd was meeting for a bonfire and big get together. had an excellent time catching up with everyone in person and getting to see all their kids there running around. I got an inbite to stay with C in Dallas, he and his wife live in Rowlett with there two boys, so I'll have a place to stay next tiem I go down to shop in big D. ha now I"m in the bottom bunk bed of my friend Sh and J's son's room. I plan to grab a quick breakfast and leave directly back to OKC. I like to be home all day Sunday to relax and rest up for the week and such. okay so the two pics here are the heavily decided upon outfits I chose for the weekend, the striped shirt and brown shoes and "skinny" jeans for day, and the black shoes and plaid shirt for dinner and night event.
I did spare you the layers of jackets, coat, hat and scarf I tied them all together with.


Anonymous said...

i wonder if your as welcome at the friends as you think you are staying over night? especially displacing young children from their beds, or sleeping in the same room with them, yikes.

rugbysex said...

dan shares a wonderful weekend w/ old friends (which i thoroughly enjoyed reading) and some nameless, faceless a/h who probably has no friends and nothing better to do than troll blogs in the wee hours of the morning spews hate. get a life anon @ 3:49 am!

thanks for sharing professor. i'm glad you had a great weekend!


rugbysex said...

btw...nice dan. lol. :)