Friday, October 26, 2012


"If you happen upon me today in regular ol' jeans and a mom shirt, just know what I really wanted to wear was some avant guarde new creation that only aliens and goth kids would appreciate."
this is my friend's status today on a social network. says a LOT why I love this person and why we've been friends since 7th grade Sunday school.  this is the same friend who's married with 2 boys that I stay with in AR. We've always shared a taste for the alternative. Clicking on like just wasn't enough, ha.  My ex gf and I used to go out to a club here in OKC wearing all the black we could  It was an after hours club next to the gay bar in town.  She was beautiful and thin and would wear black army boots with a different mini skirt every week and black top. I'd wear jeans and usually an XL tshirt which fit me as if it were on a hangar! ha we'd stay out late sometimes THursday through SUnday night going out to clubs... sometimes even SRO's in Norman or Tulsa.. anyway, the post above really made me think of my clubbing days. Growing up like I did had me amazed and excited by all those times yet innocent enough to know better than to try partaking in any of the drudgery of it all. :)

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