Saturday, September 01, 2012

what up saturday...

well I'm off to AR for a few days. I stayed home after school for a move job and to just enjoy my Friday evening, also I wanted to hit leg day at the gym and then mow last night. I swam laps this morning and dug up some plants and cleaned up etc etc... now after pizza lunch I hope to hit the road. I'll have a quite a bit of packing to do, plant bulbs to throw in the back of the pick up to share with some friends up in AR. all the gifts I bought for my bud's kids last July while I was in Dallas, and a Christmas gift that's been sitting in the back room for my ex gf, that another person gave me last time in AR and I forgot to drop it off before leaving town. ha. anyway, not to mention getting some clothes out of the dryer to take with me. And don't make fun of me, but I also like to bring my cashews and broccoli for dinner AND i ALWAYS bring my cereal and instant oatmeal with me. I also always grab a bar of BEE and FLOWER Sandal Wood Soap to bring with me to use and then leave behind. My friends always comment they like using it and notice when it runs out. I get boxes of it at the asian grocery food store way cheaper than on the shelf at whole foods. I usually always forget something, never fails.
I made it through the week all right, my mind is on one girl student who was causing some trouble in class this week. over all she's very sweet and good, but she also likes to make quick little joking comments in Spanish during class and make the class laugh. I called so that if it happens again she gets to visit the ast. Prncpl. What I was thinking about is how she can't read in Spanish or English, and how her parents took her back and forth from Mexico and USA and how she was here for a few months in 6th, skipped 7th completely, was here for a few months in 8th. and now she's a 9th grader. Plus for whatever reason she's currently living with a foster parent !?!?!?! So really , I'm calling this foster lady and what exactly is she supposed to do to get the kid to behave, plus she's probably so lost in class without being able to read, no wonder she distracts class. UGH, again she's not really a bad kid, and our staff will do all we can to motivate her in helping her to catch up learning how to read. Sometimes I wonder if my ESL degree should have included social work classes. ha... the woes of illegal immigration.[ ILLEGAL that is, don't confuse that with good ole legal immigration. A lot of propaganda will leave out the ILLEGAL word and claim people are AGAINST IMMIGRATION OR IMMIGRANTS point blank. That's not the case. For example we have some Burmese refugee immigrants at our school and they can't learn English fast enough!! such determination, same thing for all the middle East and African kids at other schools in our districts. And I know many legal Mexican immigrants with families, working hard to support their kids and get them graduated from high school perhaps even college!... Yes this country is a country of immigrants, we all learn English and get along, adding to and taking from the great mix of American culture. okay I'm getting way sidetracked..] anyway....
a good work week, but I'm still very very ready to move into the admin, no word yet on the chances of that. another facilitator in the district came by yesterday, this guy is "part of the family" as we reading these sort of closet blogs might say, I have not idea if realizes anything about me or not, but I look forward to working with him. (btw rugbysex, he's younger and a dancer and not my type at all and already has a boyfriend, I like him because he's super smart and an excellent ESL teacher...ha).
I finished watching the final harry Potter movie this week. WOW. what an ending. and great film. great effects. great storyling coming full circle and all that. WHOOOOO WEEE! last night I watched Radio City Days, a Woody Allen Movie, but I'd suggest Bullets Over Broadway before watching that one. no spottings of my favorite gym inspiration guy at the gym this week, but that's cool, makes you look forward to the random run ins all the more. :) I better start getting stuff packed into the cab of my pickup so I can leave right after lunch. cheers all enjoy a great Labor Day Weekend!

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rugbysex said...

LOL. a DANCER??!! younger?? sounds PURFECT! HAHAHAHA! he just needs a demonstration of ur fancy footwork FRED and he'll drop his bf in record time. ooooeeee...a DANCER!!