Saturday, September 22, 2012


way too busy this last week and weekend... but I can handle all the stuff to do. Only bummer was my little gym crush wasn't around at all this last week.. ha! I kept looking out for him. We have approached the stage of getting a head nod or "hey" as greeting when one of us walks into the weightroom, and then last time we were talking about my diet blah blah, so definitely a lot more conversation going... come on boy come back, keep me inspired at the gym! :)
otherwise this week I was on full throttle with work and such.  Tuesday night i had 20 essays turned in from my night class... Also this week two of the teachers in our ESL dept were gone to a trip to Denver Wed-Fri. so for three days the kids had substitutes in those classes , which means when I got the kids they were pretty relaxed from subs. blah 
 Friday night i had a meeting via my gardening club, and somehow I was in charge of bringing a cooked ham! then first thing this morning a drive to north of the city to a bilingual education conference, which was mainly just about networking for me. I left by lunchtime.  I won't carry on about it, but this country has a HUGE dilemna of all the kids who are learning English at the same time they are trying to learn all the content in order to graduate. SUCKS. Our nation has one of the highest drop out rates ever, mainly due to immigrant kids who come here and try to learn English AND graduate high school and CAN'T.  Actually some do, but there are others who don't have a very solid educational background to begin with or are moved around so much etc etc etc etc. okay enough of that...
YES, I watch project Runway! okay? ha ha. anyway, I think Ven got robbed since Sanjay's thing has NO DESGIN at all this week, but I think they were going on her past episodes and that Ven is boring and can only do an origami rose. also I loved when Kors said that should be his drag name, Origami Rose! ha ha...  but overall, I was ready for Sanjay or Ven to go home regardless so it doesn't really matter which order they leave in.. the Ukraine girl is bound to lose soon anyway...I was rooting for the NYC skyline dress from the get go. not that I particularly have any favorite person this season really. any comments on PR?
I'm quite in the swing of things with teaching English. the 9th grade boys sure are the squirreliest of studetns. The guys can not keep their hands off each other. I have to teach them that there is no pretend fighting and playing in the school building.  They are not allowed because of the sever penalties our school has for fighting, so even play fighting is not allowed. Basically if any teacher saw them and doesn't know them, they could get turned in then and there etc.. Also they are latin culture which to begin with has minimal physical space expected anyway, but still it's pretty funny.  This reminds me of how disgusted I get when I've heard female teachers in the past say " you know what people are going to think???"  insinuating boys look gay when they play around physically too much with each other. I've seen it time and again 8th grade when guys keep teasing or pestering each other all in good fun as buds and some woman teacher starts butting in like it's something gay, oh the rage inside try and turn something as beautiful and naturally as physical contact (nothing sexual at all about it!!!) into some awful gay thing.  used to really burn me up. just say hey guys, no horseplay in the classroom and that's that! simple enough. sigh... okay once again, don't get me started. 
I did intercept a note in class this week in Spanish about how this guy was telling this girl in class he was going to think about her while he "masturbeme" tonight... something like that. so yeah that's 9th grade. come on kids get a grip and focus on learning English please!! ha ha
So i got back after lunch today from edmond, and now am pretty busy, picking up all the shoes and clothes I've left everywhere during the week, grading papers, kitchen and the ham mess, some yard work only as reward if I get 5 papers done at a time... and then i went on a short drive to get a haircut, but this one girl I go to is on maternity leave, and the other barber who i don't really love but he's fine. he's out of town for a week. and then this other place was closed, and this new place was busy for the next hour then closing... UGH! so I decided I'd go to some barber place near my school after work Monday. maybe find some Mexican barber than can do a good high -and-tight.
I received the Star Trek movie from netflix today, so I plan to watch it with the projector and my laptop tonight, big computer speakers plugged in etc.. should be fun. :) hope everyone is having a good weekend.


j.lee said...

I'm glad that Christopher won. I'm usually rooting for him or Dmitry. Ven's dress was too simple but I thought that Elena or Sonjia should have gone home for their train wrecks.

Buddy Bear said...

I loved reading your comments about the goofy grade 9 boys! My school is experimenting with gender-segregate classes so I have an all-boys grade 9 science class, remedial level.

I'm enjoying it but the boys sure are restless! ... and are constantly poking each other. Many have an attention span of about 45 seconds as well. Fun times!

Marta Wojtas said...

crazy: D