Sunday, September 16, 2012

oh Sunday....

has anyone seen the show "broadway or bust" on pbs? pretty cool show. I"m hoping to take another trip in December so I'll have to get some show tickets purchased SOON! :P
I'm also hoping to see DC for fall break. Right now I'm in the process of selling my 2 wristbands to the Austin City Limits music festival. I decided not to go. thing is my best bud down there got a new job this summer (this was after I bought us the tickets) and he has to go on a work trip that weekend. Of course I'm welcome to come down, stay in his condo, even have his ex bf go with me all three days, but it's not the same things, I don't want to be alone in Austin hanging around a music festival all 3 days alone. blah! Which I'm actually okay with, cause I need to cut the cord with Austin buddy, let's face it. plus I'll put the money toward a plane ticket to DC woot woot...IF all works out okay. who knows?
I'm placing an ad on craigslist tonight in AUstin for the tickets so we shall see if anyone is still looking for 3 day passes or not ...urgh.
I had a very awesome weekend! the weather was perfect. drizzly and gray and cool and nice and fall like. oh yes. I've graded all the work to pass back to my college night class. now just getting ready for bed and my clothes laid out and breakfast dishes clean and ready.
I went out to a Mexican restaurant with S on Friday night and we got to catch up, it had been a while. what sucks is next Friday our friend from Houston is in town but I have a garden club meeting I have to be at blah blah, yeah I'm a nerd like that.
otherwise just waiting for the state to fund the title three money to our district so the dept in charge of ESL teachers can move me over to the admin position I'm pretty sure I've been hired for. can't wait. Actually I got to tell ya, I know I was super depressed about going back to school and getting back in the classroom with kids, but I have to say this year has been all right. I'm already in love with all the kids and just want to hit it every day with ESL ESL ESL and get them to learn and use ENglish!
Alas, I was just meant for the college classroom, my cheerful personality just excites the kids too much at the high school, especially 9th grade boys and I have to be mister tough guy which doesn't come easy to me, but I can do, don't get me wrong.
what's funny is when I go off into a speech in Spanish cause I'm so frustrated and suddenly I'm coming up with all these words and forgetting, whoah, I'm doing this in Spanish. ha
And you'll think I'm crazy anyway to want to leave the classroom, I confess 4 of my classes are with 5 kids. and one of them is with 20..... but 20 is too much for good language learning. group of 5 is perfect.
anyway, the smaller classes are the new to the country kids, so we had a little talk last Friday about the stages of culture shock. One of the boys had said how he hates it here and hates school etc etc.. and this is a super nice smart kid who was nothing but smiles all the time the first two weeks...SO we discussed the stages of loving the place, then hating the place, then adjusting etc etc.. I told them it's okay to have those feeling and hate everything being different and missing things back home. for example this was Sept 16th Independence day in Mexico and they weren't there for it etc.. this week I'll be hitting some Math lessons and trying to get to getting math in once a day and then English the other( we have two sections of 5 kids, I see them twice a day).
okay well I was over at my folks place all day with my other 2 sisters visiting an uncle who's in town. only the third time we've seen him. He brought 2 discs full of home movies that my grandpa took when they were all young. My mom had never seen them nor had my uncle. it was cool to watch my mom so young, especially smoking at 14! ha
hope all have had a great weekend! I'm ready to get through another week. :)

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