Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Dang here I am in bed, all showered up and tv off, lights off, nightguard in (I grind my teeth at night. ugh), and wanted to post some before going to sleep, but I just remembered I need to turn of the hose timer since it's raining tomorrow. also might as well put some trash out on the street while I'm out there. blah
but first. man this week is flying by and I can feel it, so busy. yesterday I was after school helping with some files and sorting after the teacher meeting, and made it to the college with no time to work out. some quick office hours after running by the cafeteria for a corndog and large ice water refill. didn't get all the papers graded that I'd planned, went to class. was getting through the material swimmingly well, students are talking a LOT more in this class. We discussed multiculturalism and bilingual education. then covered some grammar rules with commas, and then peer review time for the rough drafts due. I have a nice variety of students and I fell like I'm going to fall in love with all of them. I just get a feeling that regardless if any of them are into ENglish class or writing or just taking the class as a requirement, that all of them find it's worth something and want to improve in some way in their writing college papers. there is this on very lanky tall thin blond guy with wire rim glasses and buzzed hair, a sort of nerdy look to him, and his goal is to get reading/writing scores up so he can get accepted into the military. ahhhh. and then this other guy works hard labor blue collar job all day, then makes it to clas, he's trying to take one or two classes a semester as he has time and money just to better his future career choices. btw he's tall, wide shoulder, big round muscly pecs and arms, but not the gym boy kind, the work hard out on the field kind. short straight black hair, pointed nose, high cheek bones, average sized eyes, I'd have to say he's definitely got some Indian blood in him. super country straight boy charm, and very aware he sucks at spelling and grammar. but again he says he's willing to try to improve some. lots of girls in this class all very sensible seeming and intent on understanding and doing the work.
they all have a final paper do next week (which I'll be grading all next week) and then they have to read Civil Disobedience. I got them started on the first part of it, reading it aloud in class, jsut a few paragraphs, and then we ended class.
work today; I brought my ladder in the back of my pickup, and during planning went in search of old ceiling tiles for my classroom. It's actually what used to be a storage closet, a very small room at the end of the hall, but it has a window. anyway, there is no ceiling in there so there is a pretty bad echo bewteen the tiled floor, brick walls, window and then the ceiling above. I climbed up the ladder in this little small space and put some old ceiling tiles across some wooden beams to help absorb sound and worked very well. I already had fabrics and sheet hanging from closet door and one wall to try to help the effect as well. next week I'm buying a pencil sharpener and wastebasket for the room . ha it's great getting to know the kids more , at the same time I have to tighten up ship and demand respect and quiet during class as they warm up to me and feel pretty comfortable already. I have a pretty cheerful personality and it's difficult for me to keep a quite silent ship going. but a few phone calls or lunch detentions and they are believers. ha
had to stay after school today to meet with a new young teacher who was more than willing to discuss with me what she can do with half the kids in one of her 10th grd classes who are all very limited English. So got home later than usual and was hard getting up to the gym, finally did and got a brief workout in. but highlight. ran into young gym buddy int he locker room on my way out, he was sitting there shirt off texting on this phone. I grabbed my bag from the locker behind him and started some small talk. Hey man, you getting big? ha, yeah trying... .and some point he said what am I doing for dinner, and then I went into my story of how I'm eating Steamed broccoli, cashews, and a banana for dinner. and how I have big breakfasts etc etc. and he said my dinner sounded like an appetizer for him . I told him well now that I'm working out again, I'll probably need to start eating chicken at night with my current meal plan etc etc.. more small talk about eating. Anyway, I noticed tonight that he has a very subtle stutter. just made my heart jump wanting to do anything i could not to notice.. and of course I had to remember to give him his turn to talk and shut my trap long enough to let him get something out. ha good gym connection and i like running into him. now if I could just get big ole arms shoulders like that kid has!
tonight I worked outside in the yard mostly after dinner before coming in before it got dark. crashing to sleep now. :)
btw, I woke up randomly this morning around 3 am. had a headache for some reason, I think i might have been grinding my teeth mroe than usual as my nightgear felt uncomfortable. I got out of bed and took an Aleve. does it affect anyone else this way? it always makes me sleep so well when i take one at night. well anyway, taking one at 3, when the alarm went off at 5:30 this morning I was way more groggy than usual and could myself not waking up as easy. I swear it was the Aleve I'd taken at 3.
okay enough chitter chat. hope all are having a good week. let me know what's up. cheers

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