Monday, September 24, 2012

man day

well I've gotten back into a good groove at the gym, today was chest day and I did all I could to get them burned up. ha...but you know what really sucked? some jerk stole my favorite pair of sunglasses. dang in all!  I usually jsut throw my gym bag into a locker when I am at the gym without a lock. so I pretty much deserve losing the glasses. but I figure all I got in there is a water bottle and older pair of gym gloves... but yep, sure enough, they took my favorite pair of sunglasses.! sucks!!! ha they were just some cheap mall stand pair, but still, I'd had them a LONG TIME... alas... jeers at that!
but cheers, God provided a nice cloudy sky to bike my way home under. ha
  was working like crazy today, these kids require a LOT of attention and energy.
it's really tough trying to keep everything in English when using Spanish is the only way to keep their attention. ugh!  some very interesting news today was that another facilitator quit the district to go to another district and make more money as their coordinator for the whole school district (grants a much smaller one).  so now I just wait to get moved over and see who else might get on staff with us...woo hoo..  meanwhile I still have an observation coming up this week so I got to remain on my toes, the VP could show up about any hour any day, although it will probably be Thursday or Friday she said.
(have I mentioned I'm pretty sure she's a lesbian and 59 and 3 years from retirement. she's a very straight forward person so as long I got the bullet points she wants to see going in my class, I should be all right.. ugh!)  I actually feel like I try to the best job I can do in the classroom whether I'm being watched or not, so I always tell her, she's welcome any day any time etc...
ready for a long long day tomorrow day job and night class. hope everyone got off to a good start for the week! :)


drew said...

When she comes in to observe wear your rainbow pin!! I don't care if you lock something or not no one should steal what isn't theirs!

rugbysex said...

sorry my friend. please buy a LOCK!