Monday, September 03, 2012

labor day

great weekend away from home. have an excellent drive up here without one stop. arrived and dropped off some gifts for my buddy J's kids, then over to my hosts S and C, married couple with two kids. my ex gf came over and we all stayed up talking and chatting and watching some netflix comedies now and then. Sunday I went to an Episcopalian church with the ex, then to lunch with everybody, next the ex and I and C's wife all went to a crafts and arts fair in Prairie Grove ARkansas, site of an historic civil war battle. I even got a great souvenir t shirt at the museum only $2. ha
when we finally made it back, I headed straight over to buddy J's house to catch up and spend some time, give him a big hug, play with the kids etc etc.
then they got busy putting their 3 little kids to bed so I headed out... over to the ex gf's place and we went and got some yogurt. then I came back here to where I'm staying to just relax and chill after busy busy day. slept a second night on the kids bottom bunk bed again... ha. I'd hoped to go home last night but had too many visits to make. will be heading back this morning and maybe hitting TUlsa just in time for a nice lunch somewhere, maybe some shopping??? ha nah....
I've had some great conversations with my freinds S and C about life and my expectations and wheether my complaints about church and/or school are just me not happy in general...good discussions overall. we all decided I'm just ready to move on to a different job. yes! :)

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rugbysex said...

a different job and????? lol. i NEVER give up! hahaha!