Saturday, September 08, 2012

chill saturday

man I really liked having a relaxing Saturday after being out of town last week. woke up early enough for some web surfing and then rode my bike to the gym and swam some laps. was so nice and chilly cool this morning, wore my sweatpants and hoodie on the way there and nice.. big breakfast and then outdoors for some yardwork, in and out of the house, blogging some and surfing around and getting back outside enjoying the cool temps outside. tonight I went by my buddy S's place for some cooked out hamburgers, his bf came into town this weekend. On my way over picked up some gelato icecream at a local place to bring with me and some cookies from the grocery store. We talked some about the election and civil rights and economy stuff blah blah blah.. had a good talk out on the back porch for a while. I've decided NOT to go to Austin for fall break and will be trying to sell my tickets via friends on fb and/or local austin friends or if it comes down to it craigslist. My buddy can't go because of a work trip, and I'm not up to going down there just to by myself. SUCKS! HOWEVER I hope to use the $500 for a plane ticket somewhere fall break, yes! maybe DC if I can find the right ticket price. cheers

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