Sunday, September 23, 2012


buddy was at the gym today. ahh yeah! ha, actually it's no big deal, but it sure is a lot nicer to go to the gym and at least have a person to say hello and catch up with.  Anyway, while I waas on the treadmill watching property brothers on tv, he walked in and started working out. I started up on my leg stuff and eventually went over and said hey.  He had been doing shrugs, so I asked him if he ever told himself "I don't know" while doing shrugs. and he laughed some. I told him I always said "I don't know" while shrugging my shoulders.when I worked out like that. ha
we talked about guys that work out only upper body and how important legs are. He said his football coach told him to turn his shoulders up and back when shrugging and I told him I'd read not to rotate them, just lift them. anyway. blah blah. made a for a good gym visit. biked back home and cooled off out in the yard a bit.  My allergies have been kicking my butt yesterday and today. the kind that just get a grip on the back of your throat and do a non drainage thing. man I hate that. I shot some fluticasone propionate this morning and will probably do it again after dinner here in a bit, just to breathe easy through the night. hopefully it won't keep me up like last night. nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night with a dry sort throat feeling that hurts when you swallow. for lack of a cough drop, I just sort of started sucking my thumb a bit and blew my nose as much as possible which didn't help that much actually... ugh
went out for pizza after church this morning, they had the Dallas game on which I watched some while grading papers also up there... In case anyone is wondering, I think I might be turning into the celibate gay Christian color of the spectrum, don't be alarmed, I'm still open for realtionship, but right now I'm in limbo until I get the new job position started and anchored away anyway, hopefully by November if the state funding come in as it should to the district.
 I really enjoyed watching the star trek movie last night, including the gag reel at the end. I am PUMPED for the next Star Trek movie due out at some point. dang why does it take so long!
btw if you like the painting shown, I can hook you up with the artist's website. this one is 12" x 20" size, not huge and between $800-$1000, if interested in checking out, he's a "plein aire" oil painter and I love his stuff! :) I've graded about all the papers but 3 or 4 left, which I can do some tonight and more tomorrow night. right now I'm just resting up and relaxing a bit while trying to breathe and motivated to move around.
Pretty much a nice lazy Sunday, hope your'e enjoying yours!

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