Friday, August 24, 2012

weekend begins

back from school and directly on my way out as soon as my vet. friend comes to pick me up. she wants to shop at the mall before dinner. I couldnt' go after dinner because my bud S is taking me to a friend of his b-day party tonight at 8pm. So will be an interesting bunch of gay guys at the bday party, mostly guys I've probably met or seen before but ya never know here in good ole OKC.
so mall, dinner, back to change for party and out again, then home eventually to sleep.
my former student from Central America is coming through town tomorrow w/ his gf, and they'll stop by here to have lunch with me. I'm really excited, I've never had one of my former students from overseas make it through okc yet. I've visited some here and that and even two former girls that went to my alma mater in AR. So I'm excited and maybe will do a little gift shopping for him while at the mall.
tomorrow I can relax all morning and get the place for real picked up. also hopefully get some rain tonight, and then I work on the yard all morning tomorrow.
I dont' know if you remmeber the kid last year whose sister got pregnant and moved away and then he had all these control and anger issues. really terrible problems, finally he was expelled. well guess what they enrolled back today... he and his sister will return. the sister has a 4 month old kid now and is married and will repeat newcomer year with us, the brother is on his second year regardless best of luck to them. more posts later, gotta look for my friend. :)

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rugbysex said...

have a wonderful weekend professor!