Tuesday, August 28, 2012

long day

busy days, made it to the gym yesterday for leg day, a quick dinner, then back to the city for a move job with A. home by after 8pm and mostly spent the rest of my time getting things ready for today. had to get a shirt and tie out and stuff to wear today. another long day working today, then off to the community college. I have a gym bag packed. I am going to get a work out in at the school before my office hours. since I was supposed to get a leg day in Fri and didnt I made it up and then working out today usually I skip it on TUesday. plus I like checking out the weight room at the college now and then, and locker.
Did anyone happen to see the PBS special SUnday night about ice cream. yum! I couldn't stop watching, i want to go to each place and try their icecream.. ha I stayed up too late Sunday night and after the ice cream special I flipped channels and found some interesting show about a presidential candidate on a plane, and some woman appears from the future that only he can see, and convinces him he's going to be president only if he jumps off the plane cause it's going to crash. twist ending, it was the new "outer limits" show.
I'm focusing on Romans 8:26,27 all this week. I'm also deciding what sort of travel plans to make. I'm not going to move forward on both trips until I get moved if and when to the admin position. cheers.

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