Wednesday, August 01, 2012

hot hump day pant pant

that's only because it's over 105 and crazy hot today here in OKC, and although I don't feel AT ALL like getting on the bike and riding up to the gym, I must. I must! ha
had an interview after school today, I've pretty much got the job, just need to take a formal structured interview and then let them post the position and me apply etc etc..
crazy thing is I am still hoping to teach at the college full time but there is nothing posted yet for me to apply there ya go. crazy thing is I got an email from the former roomie who is heading up the language school south of OKC and he wants to put me on salary once the contract goes through in October. gee whiz when it rains it pours. it was a lot easier just hoping that there'd be some other option come up this year besides teaching again at the high school, and now I have to make all these adult grown up decisions about taking the best job not just for the most money etc... ha
the language school job is the more exciting romantic option, make way more money and have the opportunity to travel once or twice a year overseas.. ahhhH!! so perfect. BUT it's year round and no pension plan, so IF and WHEN the faculty job comes up, that is definitely going to be my longterm dream job plan. since I already know I love teaching college kids AND I love to have the school calendar time off for yardwork. Actually the school calendar will still give me the option for travel so there ya go!
all the students returned today and I spent most of my day walking around and getting kids into class and helping finding their classes etc..
the worst thing is I'm a pretty talkative guy when it comes to anything going on in my life (oh really?) and I wasn't able to say anything to the team I teach with at the high school today about the job interview or leaving soon hopefully, that was difficult.
tonight I plan to stay inside and cool after I get back from gym. it SUCKS being so hot out, I will be outside a few times turning on this or that hose on the yard, but sometimes it's so hot you just feel like not even watering and just letting it all dry up and die!! UGHHHH so HOT!!!! UGHHHH. okay I'll stop complaining. winter thoughts.
Olympics tonight! aweomse, loving watching Phelps go for more medals and how he's more relaxed in interviews . very awesome.

last night I watched Olympics, muting it at some points, and watching a foreign film "The Swimsuit Issue" on netflix online. It was a pretty interesting friend flim, not all that sexy, but entertaining enough considering friends and family relationships in the film. :)

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Mike said...

Congratulations on the job!!! Decisions, decisions, decisions...