Monday, August 20, 2012

good monday...

was a good start off to the week, other than arriving a bit late this morning and being reminded by a teacher on my team about morning duty this week. oops, dash back to the main building and go to the cafeteria for my morning duty this week.
classes all went well today, other than the 2nd year class I had to get on to a few kids during the lesson and one kid I had last year, kept telling him to pull up his pants and then he had his phone out, and later was throwing balls of paper. ugh, I referred him for the cell phone violation, and then tried to call home after school to find no working number. I emailed the truancy officer and the vice principal about no working number etc. blah blah, so that was my biggest battle today, my other classes with newcomer students were just great, kids repeating every word I say, reading, learning words nice.
I'll keep waiting to hear from the admin about when I can move out of the classroom and into the new facilitator position.. wait wait wait and enjoy all the good kids in class while i can I suppose. ha
went to the gym after school today, chest day, everything I did was 5-10 pounds less in weight, I have to get back to all my old weights! ugh... but I have all fall, and the motivation of the trip to Austin for the ACL music festival in Oct to keep me going.  plus I do better getting into a routine and habit of working out with school going again.  spoke to the college kids I mentioned before. the round faced broad shouldered super nice guy , hung from what I've seen once only once in the lockeroom. actually from what I've seen when he wears flimsy shorts on the floor.  anyway, he said he was going to another community college other than the one I teach at, we both started back this week etc etc.
he had been to a newer gym north of us, and was talking about the pool, huge workout room, and the nice lockers and steam room and hot tub etc etc... I had to wonder while leaving the gym today, man would I like to come across him in a steam room. ha
When I first moved back to OKC and started up at a gym downtown, I was extremely naive about anything going on at a gym or a steamroom... but after a couple months my radar began to kick in, I discovered the sort of stuff that could go on in such a place.  I have to say I met some very hot big guys at the time, white and black. hot.  hands, mouth, nothing more, and always quick thrills and then going on my way.  only the very few instances where it was me and one other guy. otherwise I'd pretty much shower up and go straight home and not even bother. what with the older guys and guys that just come to the gym for a steam. not my scene at all.
but like I said the few times when the right guy and the emptiness of the place. suddenly you find yourslef sitting around, some guy keeps adjusting himself a little too much, you do the same, before you know it you can see a bulge going on udner the towell, you show off your, he shows ya his, whallah.  you get a feel, leave as soon as you please or as soon as someone else walks in, a quick cover up with the towell.  I don't know why more goodlooking guys don't for a good steam now and then. ha ha. anyway, That was a quick phase, and then I began just going home after workouts from then on.  I never steam now. in fact at my gym now its the least cruisy place I know and I like that.  I may steam now and then in the winter just to get the chill off or to help me breathe if I'm stuffed up
after the gym, came home for dinner of steamed broccoli , cashews, and a banana, then off to my friend A's workplace to move some furniture into storage on the lot. easy extra money and I got see my best friend.  getting shirt and tie ready now for first day of night classes tomorrow night after school.  always fun the first day of class to see what a mix of students I get. ciao


Mike said...

Don't even get me started about our stupid duty schedule - 1 month of duty and 1 off. DUMB. DUMB. DUMB. I've been on duty this entire month before and after school and have got nothing done.

rugbysex said...

ah...the ole gym antics. u reminded me of some nice memories. it was kinda a reward for the work. u get all pumped and then let others admire what the sweat and hard work accomplished. always went to only str8 gyms but there was always the looking, the playing around...all rather innocent. maybe i need to start going back to the gym. lol.

j.lee said...

hot memory dan