Sunday, August 12, 2012

book group

I'm watching this all weekend, both seasons, and I'm down to 4 episodes left. :(It's pretty funny, thanks tons to the reader who suggested it. it's muy awesome!!! I'm a hopeless anglophile. I'll admit. whoah and season two, things heat up! haI put the HULU video able, but it's also on Netflix if you have the online service.. (although HULU has the subtitles missing on netflix fyi)
ED: more about the Book Group, I liked the mystery and quirkiness of the first season, it dove way more adult mature theme in the second. I was considering about the creator of the series being an American woman living in Glascow and how that relates to the portrayal of the characters. the women are comically done very well. the men I'm not sure how fair they are represented. There is a great Spain visit story with some language issues. Hulu did not always translate the different languages sometimes used, Netflix never did. But still I enjoyed hearing all the languages. because obviously if you and your husband both speak Swedish or Dutch, you're going to use that talking to each other. Not like some films where all the foreigners continue speaking English to each other. THe relaxed European nature seems to come across in the series, to me anyway, Everything gay American is always portrayed black or white gay or not born that way or not etc etc....which you know it's really all grey when it comes to guys. Although you could say on the other hand that the write has no idea of the concept of homosexuality portraying characters who easily go back and forth having sex with either men or women. But once again, I think that's more of an American attitude toward sexuality and it may remain indeed possible in Europe without all the stereotype labeled hangups. these are just thoughts. I will say I like the portrayal of masculine characters whether straight or gay. Same goes for the previous Spanish film I watched a few weeks ago. Anyway, the second season has some definitely comic one liner situations....perhaps I'll go back and watch some episodes of Gavin and Stacey. the uncle bren in that series is hilarous. ha

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