Thursday, August 16, 2012

august week 2.5

I got a call Tuesday night from my friend A. She came by my school Wednesday morning to trade cars and borrow my pickup to move back her 2 scooters from the repair shop. So I got to drive back to her place after school in her brand new 2012 Jeep. ha. fun. made it to the gym afterwards and as I was working out I made the decision. It's time to kick back into 4 days a week, different body areas each day. so tomorrow is LEG! and then I'm getting back to more lifting prolly Mondays chest, Wed back, thurs arms,...something like that since I rarely go up there on weekends and I'll be teaching a night class every week starting next Tuesday at the college.
btw does anyone sort of hate the guy GUnner on Project Runway this season or the Ukranian chick? UGH. the really gay bitchy attitude type of persona makes me want to run. not good.
next up, boring job news! nothing yet on moving to admin, but it's okay I'm patient. I had a great talk with A yesterday after work, about how I was thinking of a certain number before I'd consider the job at the language school. She really open my eyes by telling me to consider that what I make now is based on 9months of work what with all the days off from school. So if I were to pro rate that to 12 months and add in what goes in monthly to my retirement the number came out about the same as what I'd thought of offering, so now I'm confused and thinking should I push it for 10-15k more?? ha okay just thoughts. but really made perfect sense.
I watched the most wonderful movie last night, Midnight in Paris. Man, I am SO MUCH that guy. in love with nostalgia and the past and wanting romantic times.. ha I had a blast watching the magic of this writer going back in time and schmoozing and partying with his literary heroes, falling in love with a beautiful model etc etc... the contrast of him and his fiance and family. ha ha. and the total jerk know it all ex bf. man it was so good. also I have to say the deep voice of the guy playing Hemingway and his slow direct delivery of the characterization, plus good looks and solid stature. oh man! whoooo
okay the week is almost over, quizzing the kids on letters tomorrow, saying words and they have to write the letter of the initial sound. and then another class we're doing the language lab where they read into a microphone and then we play back their voices into their headphones etc etc. I got a moving job tomorrow night with A. and Saturday planning to go to a bday party of another lesbian friend of A's. could be interesting. :)


Mike said...

I can't stand Gunner either or the UK chick. I tell my BF every week when we watch it that the guys are too queeny.

Anonymous said...

Why are your eyes just now open? I left a comment at least a month ago telling you that if you were to draw $3000/month someday in pension it would be like having a million dollars invested at 3% or $500k at 6%, so you need to figure out how much it will take PRE-tax in earnings per year to add up to the million or $500k assuming a conservative rate of return on the savings and some compounding. There are easy calculators on the web that will tell you how much to save per year or per month in order to reach a certain amount of savings in a certain number of years.

The reason I tell you to value your pension in this way is because most likely the state of OK contributes an unknown amount to your pension. At least an amount that may not be easy to find out. Pensions are really annuities with guaranteed rates of return, they are hard to duplicate as an individual because the annuities available to purchase usually cost more for less return. If a new employeer agreed to pay you an amount equal to your pension contribution you would come out with less just becaue you would pay taxes on that extra money each year, and then you would have to make perfect investment decisions for 30+ years. The teacher pension does that for you, years of service times salary times some scaler = lifetime monthly benefit. Lifetime is an important point, if you are getting paid to leave a pension behind, you must make certain assumptions about how long you will live in order to value your pension.

Find the formula for your pension plan. Teacher retirements are usually tilted to favor the longer years of service like 30. If you work 15 years in the plan it may not pay much. Look into it.

You need to think hard about this pension thing, even if the college job comes up. An admin job in the school district has potential for good earnings over time, and thus more lucrative pension. Having just a master's degree your upward mobility at a university is limited.

Being a single fellow, your financial future is entirely dependant on you. Maybe it is best to make this decision by the numbers rather than desire.