Tuesday, August 07, 2012

august over yet....

hey ho blog world. I'm making it through the week as usual., Sunday night I was just getting into bed and then remembered I needed to turn the water off outside where I'd been watering, I sort of stumble out there behind the hedges dashing my hand down toward the faucet, and suddenly remember the metal rack there to hang the water hose on which sort of gashes open my hand about a 3/4  finger's link under my ring finger and going around to the pinkie side of my hand toward the wrist. UGH..
bleeding everywhere and coming in to sort of let it bleed some, rinse it off. bandage it up and get to bed. ha  Monday I kept it bandaged until Monday night, now I'm keeping it clean and dry and then sleeping with a bandaid on it at night, to keep it clean etc...
Monday went swimmingly well at work. no news on when i can get into the admin position, but my school really needs me anyway what with all the paper work of students' home language surveys and filing and then this week we are testing all the new kids who speak a second language etc etc..
after school yesterday was my stock club's meeting. we talked a lot about the fiscal resolution of a secular bear market. doesn't that sound interesting, basically what I got out of all the charts and graphs is that in 18-24 months we'll begin another bull market. ain't that good news? ha ha,  well we'll see you never know.  right now we put our last two months dues into CONOCO as we want to just sit on stuff that has good dividends. I really don't know what I'm talking about here, remember I'm an English major. but it's fun to try and go and learn about all that stuff.
today went by rather well, made it to the gym, I've lost some weight in a good weigh since changing my meals up last summer, now I just need to keep consistent with the weights. I think in another week or two I'll try pairing up with the guy at the gym and see if i can get some more intense work outs.Whew hoo.
a former student from Central AMerica that I visited last OCT in NYC is currently in Little Rock AR and might be driving up to CO with his gf. THey might try to stop by on the way there or back to visit me here in OKC. I'm super excited if they are able to and will be motivated to really get the house in tip top shape. otherwise I'm just waiting for FALL, in other words cooler weather. 
I am researching ideas for a better way to get a raised bed in the back yard. The one I put in last year with a couple  of 2" x 10" X 8'  boards about 3 feet across, well it is full of tree roots due to the stinking Silver Maples in the back yard.  So I plan to move it over and this time put the same frame onto some heavy thickest I can find black tarp plastic covering, gravel on that and then the dirt. I want to be sure and keep the roots and moles out, yet let it be able to drain well...  so I'm looking forward to the fall project.  okay, I'm getting up much earlier these days so I got to TURN IN and get the breakfast dishes ready for the morning and the clothes laid out ready to put on, I'm on automatic in the morning otherwise I don't ever get out of the house on time like I like. ha


rugbysex said...

might i suggest another "fall project?" outdoor lighting! if you already have it, then maybe FLIP THE SWITCH when going outside in the dark??? just sayin...lol. hope your hand heals quickly professor.

Jay said...

I say just rip the silver maples out and be done with them. They are, as you have found out, greedy surface rooters. Their roots will find their way into whatever raised bed you set up, unless you pour concrete under the beds. If this were a maple with beautiful fall color you would have some compensation, but silver maples don't even offer that. Make yourself some firewood.

Anonymous said...

Do some reading on the depth of Europes debt problems, and see if you can believe in a bull market in 18-24 months. There is still serious talk of Greece and others pulling out of the Euro sometime in the next couple of years, and the possibility of a wider European recession.