Saturday, August 04, 2012

another school year...

Well I didn't have too many students yet this week. We only have 4 or 5 newcomers so far and the really exciting thing is that 2 of them are from Burma! that makes for ENGLISH only instruction! woot woot. the best way to learn. although i have to completely hold back using spanish with not only the mexican students, but also I slip into spanish tring to explain something to a student sometimes by habit, and with an asian kid, that ain't gonna work. ha
So far my favorite is this kid named "Lal" from Myanmar/Burma. He is SO SUPER respectful, friendly, and eager to learn learn learn. that attitude will be refreshing in the classroom this year. I also just like his name because one of my favorite episodes of Generations star trek is when data tries to make a "child" named Lal and its a really sad episode. ha We actually have 3 or 4 different Burmese refugee families this year so that is pretty cool. I was trying to think of how I have to keep just as motivated to help the Mexican immigrants as well, and try to think of them also as refugee as sorts, seeing how difficult things are in that country etc... hard to do though when the attitudes toward possible futures are completely different.
I do have ONE second year class with some of the former students, either from last year's newcomers or those who are repeating a second or third time because they are not learning any English and can't test above level 2.5.(levels or 1-6, with sections for kids 1-2.4, and 2.4-3. and the rest just go to regular classes). that will be only a handful of kids and then I'll have 15 or so more from the new 9th grade class depending on their score.
All kids who speak another language are tested at the end of the shcool year and ESL placement is based on those scores yadda yadda, are you asleep yet. boring! anyway,
I love this time of year, getting the newcomers started with saying the alphabet and numbers and playing various games to get them into their mind... I'll continue with letters and numbers next week, and then practice identifying sounds of letters at the first of words, and then we'll begin with basic words and phrases etc... on and on.
BUT hopeuflly I'll only be there a couple of weeks, as the facilitator position is waiting. I had a great interview Wednesday and now just have to wait for procedures and paperwork before I can move over. yay for the raise I'll be getting. and getting me OUT of the classroom (which I'll miss actually....a little) I will be starting another college class one night a week starting the last week of august which will be nice. I haven't seen any posting for the faculty position I want. but I'm thinking they probably have to go through a process of getting it posted and interviewed for... if I DON'T land the faculty job I will just wait to see if the language school ever comes through. either way I don't see myself in the facilitator position for more than a semester, the great thing is that the raise will give me a better negotiating number IF i can land the faculty job. still with me?
I'm watching a lot of Olympics today and visiting my friend A. She and wife are having a barbecue party tonight so I'm going to drop by and say hi this afternoon and then go back over there tonight. although not for long depending on the crowd... uh huh. According to the facebook invite list there is a diverse crowd of guys and gals etc so we'll see.
other plans today include going out for pizza for lunch and watching a netflix dvd I got inthe mail while the Olympics are on. "frontrunners" a documentary about high school elections which looks really really good. but probably jsut cause I'm a teacher. ha cheers.

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