Thursday, July 26, 2012

Vice dos and don'ts

I came across this VICE.COM site of dos and don'ts the other day. I was cracking up
at some of the rather cleverly written snarky comments. I'm posting a few below.
for those of you with ABSOLUTELY nothing else to do online, check it out. ha
Guess which one I woke up with the next morning?
The Chippendale, the Blonde, or the Gakzulza, Lord Infernal of Guilt and Tears?

People who complain about grunge forget
what an eye-gagging pizza pie of mishmashed politics
and clashing aesthetics punk looked like before it came in
and Alice-in-Chainsified us all into submission.
When you cover your entire body in “ladies”
however it’s such an overstatement we start to wonder
if you doth protesteth too much.
Easy guy. We got it. You’re straight.

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