Monday, July 09, 2012


I just got back from a stinking casino, can you believe it? I'm in Tulsa, drove up here for a Beach House concert at Cain's Ballroom.... I had an extra ticket and invited Austin buddy H's best friend from high school, this girl I've known for years via H. the cool thing is she's letting me crash at her place as well. She is absolutely beautiful, petite little thing reddish brown straight hair that she just trimmed herself today at shoulder lenth, gorgeous voluptious sexy figure and talkative and friendly and fun fun fun! so we met up here around 7pm and eventually made it over to the concert after she got ready and changed a few times and got me settled into the guest room etc.. stopped at quickstop for some vitamin waters, some gross juice protein drink...and 4 beers. then we went to the show and got there right before the band started, just in time to get a beer and share a shot of Yeagermeister ... Beach House performed wonderfully, I really just wanted to hear the single "Zebra" but it went well overall.... after that she dragged me to a casino here in tulsa, where I got $15 just for getting a free player card. I sat at a penny machine and played and lost and won and was completely bored but faked interest in the new experience... now we're back at her place and Im' showered up and ready for bed and sitting in her bed with her while she's giving me a card reading.... go figure. sound like a bad movie? ha quite a character... cheers.


rugbysex said...

u wild thang u! oorah woot woot.

Mike said...

I recommend doing penny machines and always doing max bet. Take it from a Vegas boy... lmao... just kidding... hardly.

Look at you getting out and experiencing! ;-)

I'm at a work conference. SO. MUCH. FUN. 2am and I'm just getting back to the room.