Monday, July 02, 2012

summer vacations etc...

I went swimming as early as possible Saturday morning, which was at 8:15 when the pool opens at my local gym. I was there showered off and wet and ready waiting at the door from the locker room when they unlocked it. As first one in the pool, I got to slip in while the surface of the water was still as glass...because of this, instead of my first lap down the length of the pool swimming underwater, I turned over and looked up at the surface. what fun! Although it's a little hard to hold your breath while swimming underwater facing up. I held my nose at some points and just kept looking up at the lights on the ceiling blurred by the water. I loved doing that, and then I began just swimming my laps in a nice calm pool until another person got in on the other side. but it was still a great beginning to Saturday..survived the weekend without spending too much money.... I went to a movie w/ buddy S at Penn Square mall and was able to exchange some jeans that were way too small for me. The jeans were a gift I received out of the blue in the mail last week from my former student who lives and works in NYC. I exchanged the 30/32 for my perfect fit 32/34. (waist/length). I have them packed for the trip to Texas this week, just in case I need jeans, but most likely I'll be in shorts the entire time. and riding bikes. and lunching with former students or WINDOW shopping a bit during the day while my buddy H is at work.
I stepped on one of my water sprinklers this morning, so I'll have to go get an0ther one before hitting the road, I have a bunch of sprinklers set up on timers to water the beds at night while I'm gone.
Class went amazingly well this morning, worked with the students while they did peer reviews on one another's essays. Now I'm off to the dentist for a crown and filling and not looking forward to it AT ALL. ha ha, but it has to be done and I've cancelled the last two appointments..... hopefully I'll adjust to the temp crown while gone this week, usually not a problem for me. the BEST thing about it all, is my dentist that I've had since 9nth grade is working this week in place of someone on vacation. He retired last year and it sucks trying to find someone new that I'm comfortable with in the dental chair. ha he is very awesome.
after the appointment I'll be back home packing the little pickup and getting on my way to Dallas. plan to stay with buddy Randy P in Dallas tonight and then on my way to Austin tomorrow. I can do all my shopping in Austin, however i MAYBE will stop off at North Park tomorrow morning just to see what is there at Desigual and H&M at north park mall. blah blah...
actually all my funds are going to gas money this week. not really going to be shopping for much just looking around. hope everyone is getting geared up for a fun 4th! :)

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have a safe trip and a wonderful time. pax tibi frater.