Monday, July 30, 2012

shirt and tie

I have to get a shirt and tie ready for an job interview Wednesday after school. And this is not at the college. I'm still waiting for them to post the position of the faculty member who resigned... Today, I received an email after lunch from the district ESL director asking if I was still interested in a facilitator position at the district office. SHU WEET!!! heck yeah I would be interested.... so I am going to speak with him Wed. It's pretty funny because just this weekend all I could think about was an opening coming up at the college. now this! crazy that it all happens at once. I will honestly take either into consideration, although I'd really rather teach college. the facilitator position will get me out of the room with kids for now. and either job is not even a guarantee. there will be PLENTY of people up for the faculty job I'm sure.. anyway, that's the only new news today. :) I had a move tonight with my friend A so I made some extra $$. otherwise watered stuff tonight and watched lots of Olympics. I've decided the whole chik fil a thing was SO LAST WEEK and this week its OLYMPICS!!! I said the same on a social network for my status. let it die and don't beat a dead horse. ha Another teacher work day tomorrow and then kids on Wed. whoosh, my summer is pretty much OVER.


Mike said...

Kids Wednesday here too. ICK. Not ready.

I have my wardrobe laid out for the week.

Gray dress pants, white shirt lightly striped purple with a purple, pink, and gray plaid tie for Wednesday.

Thursday will be black pants, blue shirt, and a striped tie.

Friday will be gray dress pants and a light blue shirt with a tie.

Oh yeah, we're only allowed to have casual Friday at my school - dress pants must be worn everyday, or Dockers/khakis. Gotta dress up Friday for a good impression, ya know. I'll only see my block kids for the first time that day.

rugbysex said...

wonder how many days it will take to make the selection? i hope you already started looking, Wednesday is FAST approaching. :)