Friday, July 13, 2012

saturday eve.... :)

weekend! well I should be out enjoying a beer with someone but instead I'm waiting for Dr Who to come on tv. ha I had a great work out yesterday at the gym, while I was stretching this one guy I see in there every now and then walked over and said hello... so nice. he's going in to his 2nd year for college and lifeguards at the gym, but I told him I hadn't ever seen him, but he only works nights and then teaches afternoon kid classes. he's sort of the strong silent type that drives me a good way. I'm actually like that with guys or girls when they are the real quiet type, I have a sort of type A personality that starts asking all sorts of questions and wanting them to sort of laugh or smile at some it. we had this big long talk about his job, summer, why the he worked out with all last summer wasn't with him this summer. he said the guy goes to another gym up north that's bigger and has a huge workout room. he said it had two steamrooms etc...(I couldn't help but think, man if we were in a steamroom, i'd HAVE to keep on the towell. ha. I'm actually a sort of exhibitionist for the certain few...) we also discuss if he's gaining like he wanted (we've spoken before last spring about getting back to working out after quitting for a while) and what supplements he's taking. turns out we've both tried creatine,glutamine, whey protein etc... I told him how I was at my biggest taking protein and working out constantly on the military base while overseas for lack of nothing else to do. ha
he's a tall rounded up in shape type body dark haired white skinned nice eyebrowed sort of dude. I've seen him only once in the locker rooms changing after a swim and it was hanging hung. whoah.
he's totally straight kid though, but I can still admire the guy, heck. He noticed it was time to get ot the pool after a while and shook my hand and said bye etc...
funny thing there is this gay friend of mine at my gym, who saw us talking from across the floor and on my way out he made eye contact rolling his eyes at me.. ha ha. so funny. whatever.
today no one was up at the gym, Fridays always slow, I mainly just did cardio, stretched and abs.
planning to swim laps tomorrow morning, my goal is to get as many mornings in as possible before school starts back up and my summer is OVER.
I got some nice dinner plans tomorrow with buddy S and his bf in town from AR. I wish I could find 4 or 5 other guys like buddy S. He's the nicest good ole small town boy, totally masculine and normal and like a guy you'd want as a brother. man if I could find a group of guys like that to hang out with for some outdoor activities all summer. would be nice. that reminds me I need to find a friend with a boat!! ha j/k hope everyone's having a good summer weekend. cheers for all the comments last post.
I had lunch with a girl I used to work with, back when I started this blog actually. anyway she said that if I'm still single it was for lack of trying or lack of wanting a relationship. yup, she knows me pretty well. although of course, she was thinking what girls she could set me up with. So yeah I'm probably all psychologically messed up, being gay but not wanting to go all the way with a guy, but liking everything else....and then of course the whole faith thing. I'm not majorly in the closet, I mean most of my closest friends from college all know, and I'm sure my family MUST have figured it out by now. although my little sis still says she's praying for a wife. My mom used the word "companion" once.. that was weird. ha but I don't necessarily think I'd live my life any differently... as a public school teacher, I'd never come out at work most likely, say what you want, I'm not up for it with a bunch of stinking 9th graders to deal with! Now at the college job I could care less, but I don't know why it'd even come up, let them think what they want.... ha.
I just expect most people to like me for me regardless, and at this point its sort of just asexual me. BLAH.


rugbysex said...

listen to what your gal pal told you. you have to really WANT a relationship and be open to having one otherwise you'll be alone. someone's not going to come knocking on your door one day. never assume anything about anyone...all too often things aren't what they seem. but even if ur gym pal is 100% str8, doesn't mean you can't still be pals. besides, it's 2012 and although i'm gay, i have str8 pals. in fact all my pals are str8. start going to the gym at nights! lol.

ex-frat-man said...

"I'm actually a sort of exhibitionist for the certain few..."

...oh how I wish I could be one of those certain few!


Mike said...

I didn't think I'd ever come out at work especially given being outed at my last job and all the harm that caused. And well, I was just outed at 12a.m. Monday morning to the very conservative Christian VP. Hmmmmmm. We should talk about this man...

rambler0919 said...

You don't really seem to want a relationship, from what I can see. You're not at that point yet, for whatever reason. Rugbysex makes a lot of sense. Go to the gym at night, get a pal!