Monday, July 23, 2012

hello dave

good Monday... my last of summer ya know. teachers go back this Friday... my district has an "extended year calendar" which some call year 'round schooling but really it's not so much, just starting back 3 weeks earlier and then we get a 2 week fall break, 3.5 Christmas break (called winter break I'm sure) and then 2 week spring break. It's not so bad really since it's so hot in August anyway might as well be back to school indoors. :)
received about 16 essays in class today that I'll be grading thoroughly tonight and all day tomorrow. busy busy since I need to return them all the last day of class Wednesday. whoosh and then class over! I'll have about 3 weeks off from college class to get used to the high school back to work schedule before starting up another Tuesday night class again this fall. yay extra money and yay for teaching students who respond, listen, and want/pay to be there in class! ha
biked over to the gym for workout today, I even spoke to this one guy I see in there ALL the time this summer and so made a bit of conversation.. we talked about how sometimes this summer I only get a few workouts in a week since it's so hot out and I feel like just getting home, ugh... anyway he's shorter than me, lifts more, and probably younger than me, although I can't help but think I probably LOOK younger than him.. ha ha terrible huh? ha anyway, he mentioned that he could use a work out partner, I told him I'd consider it this fall when I got back into my after school routine of getting to the gym more regualarly. In the meantime, next time I run into him I"ll get conversation going about what his routine/program is for working out etc... not sure if the guy is gay or not, prolly not, but not that I care either, I just like actually talking to the guys you see every day at the gym for like 2 years and it's like we might as well speak to each other! ha same for the guy I spoke about last week. you see a guy sticking to the discipline of getting to the gym regularly and it's like might as well say HEY once in a while. do it!
spoke to my lesbian friend last night on the phone and she and the gf are gonna try and gave me over for dinner sometime this week. I told her I want to see the new car! she bought a brand new 2012 4 door jeep wrangle last week. wow, I dropped her off and sat with her a while while she went through the process... she was nervous, and I don't blame her, the thing costs more than half my mortgage! ha.. I bit my tongue and didn't say a word though 'cause she'd made up her mind and gotten preapproved on the loan etc.. she knows they'll need a family type car safe to drive a kid around in once the gf gets pregnant. they're still trying with artificial insemination etc..
I would never by a brand new car, you're talking to a guy that drives the same Ford Ranger he bought at 1 year old with 17,000 miles on it (now at 177,000. ha) and I love that ranger, why get anything else. well I might have already mentioned it, if the contract comes through for the new language school, next year I'll probably shop for a nice fairly new used Ford Focus, white or black one to go with my black pickup.
oh man, I just had some chocolate cake that my mom sent home with me.. yum. need to get outside and move some hoses. hope you all are enjoying our last summer days of July. :)


Mike said...

We are on that yearroundish, modified year round schedule. My first day back was today. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! TODAY! I like the extra time, though, it makes vacations easy, frequent, and cheap.

Oh, and as for cars I'm eyeing the Focus 5 door and Acura ILX or TSX. I'm setting my sights high right now. LOL.

rugbysex said...

thanks for clearing that up professor!

Anonymous said...

Thought about you....Some real haters in OKC.