Tuesday, July 03, 2012


hello from dallas, arrived here at Randy and K's place around 10 pm, and had a good chat with K as Randy was out...crashed by 11 but did hear Randy come in and he knocked on the door and said hello Just woke up this morning and my first thought was, crap I left the bike in my truck...I got up immediately and saw it was still there and brought it up to the front porch behind the bushes etc... You can never be too careful and ever since I heard an NPR story on the radio about bike thieves, I'm always on the alert! ha I don't have any pets, but I'm open to having a dog or cat, and probably lean more to having a cat since they are easier to keep and such. But it's funny to me what a "dog person" i have to become when I visit friends here in Texas. Randy and K have 2 big dogs, one a healer/shepherd mix and the other i dunno and something pit bull, but they bark a lot and when you come in there are two treats on the side table so you can give them both one. ha anyway, so I came in and did that and then pet them pet them pet them. ha ha, and this morning, same thing, when I went out to the front drive, the one dog barked and I had to pet and pet and pet.. ha ha. it's just funny cause I'm not used getting all doggy and hairy. same thing when I stay with H in Austin. He has a dog and I sort of pet it and gently push it off my side of the bed while there etc... sometimes I'll pet it very lovingly depending on my mood. He has a black dog half pit and half Labrador. One thing I really like about H's dog is how well he dives underwater. It's a great trick at the water park, throwing rocks or good sized stones in the water and the dog actually dives under water and brings them up in his mouth. very cool. I heard this song on the radio last night about "so what we get drunk, so what we smoke week" that really seemed depressing. the idea of kids listening to that sort of music and all the lyrics really seemed disgusting, I know it's free world and all and youth is great and all but what a loser song, lot of sad lost people out there if that's all they attain to do.. we sure have our freedom in the country to do everything, but that doesn't make everything right.... My hosts here in Dallas are leaving early on a camping trip, so I plan on heading out just as early, number one stop is my favorite nursery here in dallas, ! the mall next and then make my way to Beautiful Austin. I don't have a camera this trip which sucks, after returning from my sister's last week, I've not been able to find my camera....I thought it might be in my pickup or show up in my bags while packing but no luck. I really wanted to take a picture of my other camera that I found in the backyard last weekend. it's sort of rusted and corroded a little bit, my good ole Sony digital camera....I lost it this last spring and looked all over my truck and house and kept thinking I'd set it down somewhere, sure enough I was going through some gardening supplies outside stacked up by a tree in the backyard and there was my sad wet camera, laying out there in the elements all this time...sorry little camera. Now if I can just find my other camera which the Sony had replaced blah. okay the guys are stirring and are getting up, so I'm gonna go get my breakfast. hope everyone is set for July 4th. cheers!

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