Saturday, June 23, 2012

Saturday summer update

I had a really great meeting Friday about some job opportunities coming up for me.... first of al lit was pretty funny just talking to my old roomie from overseas about the other teachers we worked with, and since then how he's hired more teachers to go overseas, and I asked him was it hard to filter out the wildcard types like we worked with...and then we spoke of all the contracts he's been working on with the government and how many doors have opened for other deals, including a lot of teaching stuff going on in Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Afghanistan which means there could be some trips for me coming up in the next few years. He thought I'd be a good person to send over for a couple months to train the teachers and help get the schools set up. super cool, this way I could teach at the school in Norman but also time to time go overseas on trips here and there. would ROCK.
well this is all just IF it works out and the contracts come through. but I'm so glad that working overseas in 2008 provides this connection with work.  As much as I love being a part of public school education and all and service to the community of displaced immigrant children learning English whether it be for US education or for better jobs here or when they return, well it's a lot more exciting to be a part of a national program with our country's air force setting up schools to train pilots a language, or even in Affgannistan teaching enngglish to pilots, or weathermen, or other military as they try and improve and help the country... I won't know anything about this until August, which will give me time to drop the night class before it starts for fall semester. and then I won't know about the job in norman until Sep or October.
hope everyone is having a good weekend. I'm about to clean up and get shaved and go out to meet some friends for dinner. my okc bud S and his bf and another couple D and G, and then this guy C and his friend corey and jimmy go figure...should be an interesting mealtime. :)
otherwise today I've been working in the yard, and went over to my folks place to plant a Japanese Maple in their front bed that they've been wanting and that I found half off at a sale this morning.

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rugbysex said...

sort of a secular missionary? while i'm not thrilled at the idea of you going to such "hot spots" i think this type of work is right up your alley. a chance to teach adults, see the world (even if from inside a bomb shelter...jeez!). just you be careful mister. we don't want to see your mug on TV as the latest American kidnapped by terrorists. ugh! now if you just happen to meet a tall, muscled, hung pilot who's a saudi prince...that could be interesting! :)