Thursday, June 21, 2012

lazy xummer

man this summer is strolling along nicely... I'm not up to much, thus less posts... I've been enjoying teaching M W classes and the rest of days I'm OFF work to get some order going in the house and to watch tv, and youtube, and check out blogs, and shop just a little but not buying much. ha I have applied for an opening at the school admin as an ESL facilitator for the district which pays a little bit more and gets me out of the crazy classroom and awful school I'm currently working in, HOWEVER only pays a little more compared to the job in Norman which pays a LOT more... and I'll be with the cream of the crop from international air force students sent to learn English. I mean why wouldn't I do it, other than no summers, which I've taken into account as this possibly being my last. so I'm up early every morning swimming laps, then a big breakfast, then piddling out in the yard planning and digging and taking pics of plants etc... gym in the afternoons and that's about it. I've seen my friend A at least once a week. THis weekend I've been invited to a pool party that I'm glad to go to just to hang with A more.. mainly a lot of lesbian and 4 other gay guys I know from town, sort of their crowd and I'll be there since I'm trying to socialize a bit and branch out, ya know... ha ha. but seriously if I get that job in Norman I look forward to meeting some crowd or people down there to hang out with if I end up moving down there. oh yeah, my former roomie from overseas is now heading the contract company that's getting the school going in Norman, anyway, if it all works out I think it starts OCT? I dunno but I'm meeting with him for lunch Friday and he asked if I was willing to go to another country for 2 months.. ha! of course I'd LOVE to go overseas again! Have you ever seen the Seinfield episode where Elaine gets proposed to and someone asks her if she's getting married and she says, yeah why not? what am I holding on to I'm at a cockfight at 3 in the morning?!?!? something like that, anyway, I that cracks me up and I think the exact thing anytime I consider why not go overseas and teach again, live a little! ha also what the heck am I holding on to here in OKC!! (well actually my family is all here near and I guess my house and yard...) I'd miss my buddy S of course but that's about the only person I hang out with regularly and he's on his was to AR or TX eventually...he's SO IN LOVE!!!! ha ha just kidding S! (he reads this blog too ha). anyway the point is, yes I'd love to be doing something interesting, motivating, challenging, productive!!! yes the inner city high school kids are challenging and def need good teachers, but man my jar is running empty at that school. The most serious concerns are of course my pension with the state. blah boring lets' move on! My gay friends are going to the same congregationalist church, but they go an earlier 9 am service which they really like becasue it has a different pastor. a woman actually. I've been going back to my folks church which I really enjoy just seeing my family every weekend, but I still want to try other places in town. my buddy in Austin has been having quite a spiritual renewal in his recovery and search for new employment and social group. he's currently single also, so he really misses having a bf. I'm going down there in July for the 4th if all works out. otherwise I'm just looking forward to July 9th concert in Tulsa, Beachhouse. and also I'm hoping to get down to the lake house at Texoma with my dallas buds soon. also need to make that trip to Dallas and see Randy potts and his new hubby, haven't been down there since over Christmas break. urgh!! cheers all.


rugbysex said...

get thee to Norman! but no summers? boo! what about a month off at Christmas and Spring break? no? boo. BUT...the sooners be in Norman. Get thee to Norman.

Anonymous said...

If you serve until retirement in the current job, and you have lets say $3,000/ month pension. That is the equivalent of having $2 million in savings earning 1.8% rate of return. If you want to assume a 5% rate of return, then you would need about $700,000 in savings to earn $3,000 / month.

Estimate the additional taxes you will pay with a 41% salary increase along with the costs of moving to Norman along with starting over with a new mortgage (i.e. the refinance trap), then make a plan for achieving the nest egg to replace your pension. A 41% increase may turn out to be closer to break even, who knows.

Was your recruiting friend going to send you on the overseas trips without an increase in pay over just working in Norman. Working in Norman + travel to hotspots should pay more than working in Norman alone, don't you think. Good luck with it all.