Monday, June 11, 2012

lake weekend

well last weekend was very awesome. My family see each other usually just about every holiday with the occasional omission of my brother who lives in KS or sister who lives in the panhandle and shares holidays with her husbands family. This is usually Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and if stars align right maybe July 4th.  Anyway, so there are always tons of their kids all over the place with my sister having the youngest four kids ages 4-12... We were all thinking of planning some sort of summer vacation for just us siblings and mom and dad and NO KIDS. ha well this proved to be most difficult for my little sister, so she rode up with me alone and left the hubby at home watching the kids.. we were all really happy she made effort to come. it was a blast!  we drove up there Thursday, meeting my sisters, husbands and mom and dad who'd arrived the day before.  it was a really nice 5 bedroom chalet with 4.5 bathrooms, although one of the bedrooms was just a futon in a room.  we talked and talked each night just us kids and mom or maybe dad if he was still awake, and each morning it was all 5 of us sitting around a table outside on the deck eating breakfast and joined by mom after her morning quiet time.  on Friday my dad and two bro in laws went and golfed and I went with mom and sisses to the Tanger outlet mall. lots of fun just shopping around and hanging with everybody, we split up every now and then, and it was funny shopping with mom and me saying, here mom how bout this color.. ha ha.  I do NOT have the gay gene of dressing women seriously! but I have good color sense at least.  again in Banana Republic I saw a white linen dress that I just knew would look amazing on my little sis.  only because the sleeves and style reminded me of how she looked in college. anyway, she tried it on and we all thought it was a must, but she wouldn't buy it $98 and 50% off etc.., so my mom and I just went in halvsies and got it for her. ha I had some extra cash in my pocket from moving furniture last week etc... got back to the house by 1 for lunch and to meet my brother and his wife who drove up from Wichita all morning. theyd' already had lunch. the guys were back from golfing so we all ate lunch and then hung out, walked around the area some, down to the dock and boat ramp, took out the golf cart in the garage and looked at the other chalets up and down the streets .. we all got in the car and drove back over to Branson for dinner at Black Oak Grill. had a wonderful dinner, everybody ordering, eating, a little more shopping afterwards, then back home to the cabin.

 Saturday we got over to the marina in Kimberling where my brother had arranged to rent a pontoon boat by 10am.  We had packed sandwiches and snacks and drinks for all day.  all ten of us got in and went out all around the lake, finding some cliffs where you can jump into the lake, and then over to a cove where it was less windy and had lunch, my sisters and brother got out in the water and swam and floated around, my mom even dove in and swam out and floated with them a while, then eventually I swam out and hung out a while, my little sis came out eventually and one of my bro in laws. .. I think my dad got in later after my mom went back in the boat.  I like to just swim and tread water most of the time without a floatie. burn off some energy, ha. my brother and his wife fished off the boat here and there most of the day, we drove the boat around some more in the afternoon checking out all these very nice huge lake houses on the banks until turning it back in around 430pm.
we went by the gas station to refill the gas and let me tell you about the guys working there. all in tank tops, summer tans, and nice arms and cute cute! ha  what a summer job!
that night we just relaxed and chilled and sat around just talking more and more, at one point my dad and sisters and I were playing Foosball downstairs, eventually we all sat around in the den talking more and then turning in for bed. we were all up eating breakfast and out of the place by 930am!
i was back in class this morning teaching away, and now I just got up from a nap and am really disgusted I napped instead of going to the gym, so I am about to mow the stinking overgrown yard outside now to get at least a little cardio going! ha I'll get back to my morning swims and afternoon gym times tomorrow, seriously, plenty more summer weekends ahead after all!!! hope all are enjoying the summer so far.


Anonymous said...

sounds like a good time was had by all,,

rugbysex said...

you don't appreciate how wonderful a family is (warts and all) until it's taken from you. so, so very happy you all had a nice time. cherish them while you have them.
p.s. hope by now you have a great tan. take off that dang shirt when working outdoors! :)