Sunday, June 24, 2012

jumper and sweatshirts

None of these are too exciting considering it's summer, but what can I say. I'm a guy with long arms and long neck so I like a good crew neck and long sleeved shirt, and definitely anything with horizontal stripes since I grew up such a bean pole I've always gone for horizontal stripes.... So yeah the last two are probably more spring colors or summer if you live where it's cool at night
(our night lows here are like 70's or up!) , but I'd wear these to teach in. One thing I like about my job is I don't have to wear a shirt and tie all the time, and doubt I'll have to if I get the ESL govt job... so these are some shirts that caught my eye at The first one I'd wear with blue or grey jeans, black or khaki pants. the last two I could easily trade off between jeans, or putty khakis. I really like the second one because the tile print reminds of
traveling to the middle east and then the last one I just like 'cause it's different and the blue would hopefully set off the blue in my blue mainly grey eyes. ha
the pic below is a pair of plaid pants I got off of on sale. nothing more comfortable than linen pants in the summer and these size 32 fit perfectly, i wore 'em to church this morning with a navy polo and some white riviera slipon shoes. will repeat the same for class tomorrow. ha. hope everyone's having a good Sunday. tell me if you ever wear plaid pants... I imagine myself someday doing the whole professor look with lots of plaid pants, and also fun plaid ties etc etc.. very English majory looking. :) the pool party today was pretty interesting, lots of fun seeing my friend B's house, and A and gf were there to hang and talk to, I met an esl HS English teacher so we talked a lot, then there were about 4 other girls there and 2 gay male couples, and a single skinny guy in a speedo (rolling eyes) ha... and one of the gay couples wore a metallic gold suit w/ the other in a metallic gold suit. ...alas it can get pretty stereotypically gay really quick around okc sometimes, but it's all good, I had a lot of fun overall. I'll have to blog sometime about whether the more freely gay younger generation growing up now will feel any less inclined to be flamboyantly gay at such parties, or is it even an age thing or an OKC thing..cheers for checking out the blog.


rugbysex said...

does madras count as plaid? besides madras, i'm more into color than prints when it comes to summer pants. nantucket reds fer sure.
especially like the shirt on the right. somehow i'm not picking up any blue in that shirt, just the yellow design.
hope the plaid pants hug ur ass. might as well show it off.

thatguy said...

You probably already mentioned it, but do your friends and the people at the parties know you dig dudes?

Anonymous said...

IMHO, plaid pants and white shoes are as gay as metalic gold swimwear.

Mike said...

We want pics of the plaid!