Tuesday, June 05, 2012


I came across these photos of Chinese propaganda posters supporting acceptance of Russia at the time... anyway online they were discussing them as homoerotic and it made me think, why must anytime a guy is touching a guy be considered homoerotic? Is it oversexed cultures that assume that's exactly what the artist intended? or was it really what was intended? or no... Lots of cultures have physical touching behavior that is nothing sexual, perhaps it's just our macho hangups here in the states... Of course I'm no better, the pics on this blog of innocent wrestling around or prank performing guys with each other are mostly just that. In fact the beauty of it makes me want to post such pics.. although the drunken party chest baring hanging all over pics are also great to give one ideas what might happen if those guys are like you, wanting more than the innocent touch. ha
anyway, I read on the closetprofessors blog ( I think it was) about homosocial behavior and it made me think of an online conversation I had once with a bud, we were discussing the whole gay thing and he seemed to think maybe he wouldn't be gay if he'd hung out with guys more in school while growing up, maybe been involved more in sports etc, or had his dad given him more support and involvement and direction. He seemed to think that's what led him to first be curious about guys and seek the physical attention he wanted albeit sexually. I wasn't getting into a whole nurture/nature debate with him, but we discussed there are plenty of guys who grew up very active in sports and around guys all the time who were still gay etc etc... anyway, the reason I mention it is after reading the blog and the term homosocial, I began to think about that guy and how he felt he missed out homosocial time. blah blah. just thoughts.
I know I loved hanging with just the guys in college , was nothing better. Although my homosocial time now is pretty lacking, thank the Lord for buddy S here in okc, he's like a good brother I never had. what a friend! :)
long day planned tomorrow, moving furniture at 6:15am (so much for morning swim! ugh) breakfast back home at 8am ish, off to school at 9am for office hours at 9;30 before my 10:45 class etc etc.. then back home tomorrow to pack up and make a grocery list for my weekend vacay! ah yeah! cheers all.

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