Friday, June 29, 2012

goodbye June....

I had a great day! woke up and hit snooze quite a few times, some computer time, then outside to pull up weeds from a bed in the front that really needed it. I've been wanting to get everything nice and cleaned up out front so it looks nice for July 4 when I have the red white and blue up and while Im out of town etc... got all that done and then back inside for breakfast and watching some Hoda and kathy while folding clothes, straightening up, and grading a few essays.. . by 1230 I was off to swim laps, off to the mall and a quick Chicken Fil A sandwich for lunch
well I saw MOONRISE KINGDOM and LOVED IT! it's completely another Wes Anderson Masterpiece... It's not easy to make a great film with such a collaboration of great actors, but this one fell right into place. although I have to say, I see these great innocent romantic themed movies and as much as I love love them I ask myself sometimes why do I see such makes me want for more in my own life, or it reminds me of the puppy love I had for an ex gf in the past...the movie is set in '65, and I love to get all nostalgic for easier times without all the instant info access and easy porn access. I mean I know there was porn but not as easily accessed, great movie, would love to hear comments about it... I also really like the soundtrack, so magical at times, and I loved the whole reading books and references to poetry and the dark sad story lonely personalities of the characters.. just absolutely wonderful.... so there I was sitting alone in the coolness of a dark movie theater with over 100 degree weather outside on a hot hazy summer afternoon watching a movie by my favorite movie director -- next to Woody Allen and paired with Whit Stillman (I must find a way to see his latest Damsels in Distress. Is the reader who shared my Stillman interest still out there, email me) And I tried to watch and take in every detail of every set and character and screen shot and camera angle and line etc... ha fun fun, what a summer, I thoroughly enjoyed being off today. I bought a button up shirt at the gap, cotton white with navy pinstripes.
went home, went to gym for some cardio, then met my friend for dinner, next out to the outlet mall in okc!
i bought a nice striped polo at the ralph lauren outlet store, it's that thin comfy jersy type with a faded sort of red with smaller navy and light blue stripes with a thinner white stripe going through... guess I should have taken a pic, anyway I thought it'd be nice to have on hand for next week... also bought some boy baby clothes for my nephew's wife who is pregnent, and then some pretty cool pajama pants for a congrats-on-the-new-job gift for Austin buddy...
dinner was great and I got some good counsel from my vet friend about waiting on any overseas job until there is confirmation of a contract teaching in Norman...which is pretty much what I'd plan on doing.. I'm still excited for that job to come through though with the possibilities of travel in the future to help set up language schools in middle east countries via future govt contracts...anyway.
since I started on the subject of shopping... online today I found these things online that really caught my eye from Norse Projects..
the long sleeve shirt above has all the right colors I love to wear, blood red, light blue, navy, grey, orange... must have this shirt for next fall! HA the shirt below I also really like the plaid and it's a good quality made shirt thread dyed etc... love a good blue/ligh blue plaid. :)


rugbysex said...

what a perfect summer's day! i'm praying for the Norman contract regrettably knowing that might mean afghanistan...ugh! glad you're excited about the projects professor.

Anonymous said...

I have worked in the mid east and so has a few of my family members, one was almost kidnapped and the other had some very tense situations. As govts destabilize over there, I see the danger increasing for foreigners. Be so very careful about what you agree to do and where you agree to go.