Wednesday, June 13, 2012


just getting home from having dinner with some friends here in okc. it was Potluck so everybody brought something Mexican themed. I decide to bring the corn dish linked below. I was able to find the chile de arbol and epozote herb at a Mexican store here in OKC, but you can just use dried tomatoes, frozen corn, and basil. throw it all into a dish and add some generous spoonfuls of mayonaise and in place of the cheese I just used grated parmesan. oh man is it good!!! Using the chili definitely adds some heat...yum! I was there with about 5 lesbians and one gay dude. I told my friend A that she needs to get some more butch gay friends so I can meet a few more gay GUYS in this town. ha My friends have 2 dachshunds and one girl brought her dachshund and then the other guy there brought his Maltese.. blah blah. They were all telling me to get a dog and what great companions they are and all that, but I'm going to hold out for real people companionship not a dog! :) I'll have to post a pic of the dog my roomies and I had in college. Puma was a gorgeous half chow/ half golden retriever mix something... she was SO well trained having us 3 guys always around the house and teaching her. Sadly she ran away the next year when we were living separately in town and was found hit by a truck on the hiway. so sad. but her puppies live on that some of our friends in school got stuck with. ha Anyway, so I brought the casserole and some Mexican bottled coke. I wore my favorite comfy T that I bought in NYC a few years ago at the Quicksilver store, my favorite watch that H in Austin gave me in 2009, the J Crew khaki slim fit pants I found at an outlet and made into cutoffs last spring, and a pair of Riviera slip on summer shoes I got last year. I came home to find a message from my sis who is in town with her four kids and they want to come by tomorrow morning to say hey. Guess what I'll be doing after my morning swim and breakfast for a few hours. picking up this place! hope all are having a good week and good summer so far.

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rugbysex said...

now THAT's a GREAT summer look. even like the shoes. yikes!