Saturday, May 05, 2012


you may have noticed the google page honoring Keith Haring's birthday yesterday.  well if you get to Brooklyn NY between now and July 8th, check out the exhibit  Keith Haring: 1978–1982  on display now at the Brooklyn Museum.  I sort of consider him one of the original street artists turned artist.  I'm including a photo of a swatch watch I had as a kid. I distinctly remember the morning I walked back into my bedroom to get something, and stepping near my bed I heard a sort of pop/cracking sound... I had just stepped on and crushed the face my beautiful black and white Keith Haring edition swatch watch... URGH. it was lying on the floor beneath some shirt or other I had tossed on top of it.  I threw it away in immediately in regret. ha
When I started blogging,  I was at a TESOL convention in Tampa FL during spring break. and saw an exhibit at a museum downtown on Keith Haring. Good to see they're still showing his stuff. :)

Update:  check out this Keith Haring page at

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Mike said...

Cool watch!

I'll be in NY at the end of the month!