Saturday, May 12, 2012

money and time off

i heard from the job opportunity here in OKC for next fall. It's good and bad. the good news, is the govt contract is still in the works, they expect the final proposal within a week, yet do not expect the reward of the contract until september. that is SO BAD because I go back to school in August as well as most teachers... after having left the one job in the middle of the school year to teach in Kabbul, I resist repeating that and abandoning my position at OKC after school has already begun, plus how will I be able to recruit the "finest ESL teaching staff" in the middle of September etc... ugh!!! on the other hand, the pay raise is 41% of what I'm currently making at the public school. But do I really want to drive an extra 25 minutes to work every day and give up my summers, spring break, fall break, Christmas break... not likely! ALthough the international students are the best eagerest students you'd ever enjoy teaching English to, no doubt...
alas, we'll see what comes up this summer, the overall best goal for me right now is that something comes up in the admin at my current district as a facilitator and then I'd make more money and get out of the classroom with Mexican immigrants with a hundred social issues, limited or interupted educational background, and little to no study skills or interest in learning ENGLISH. on the other hand, the govt contract would be a 5 year deal, so I know I'd be set for at least 5 years, and not be making the same in 5 years at my curren job. on the other hand, the salary shouldnt' really be my motivator, where I can best serve is really important to me, and right now that's definitely the job I'm doing and in my current ditrict.....sigh. :)

the WEEKEND is HERE! I'm so glad. I'm finishing up grading essays for my online class, and then plan to have all papers done and graded and entered in the computer by Sunday night, Monday after school I'll be at the college finalizing all the reports for the semester etc... It rained all day yesterday, so today I plan to mill about in the yard this morning and see what grew, also do some yard work like weedeat and trim up everything, and then spread some rabbit manure and pine bark mulch here and there. if it dries up enough by this afternoon, I'll mow. big plan tonight with S my okc bud, he and his bf in AR are not getting together so he's in town all weekend, we are going to go see the new Avenger movie with a gay male couple here in OKC that we are friends with. going to look at few places today for pedestal sinks - a bathroom project is definitely in mind for this summer, also I need to get to the store today and buy more baby salad greens and cereal and eggs and such. One cannot live on cereal and bananas and youtube alone, after all. ha
MOTHER'S DAY tomorrow so I'll probably make my mom a card and then wrap a gift I bought her the last time I was in Dallas at the Ikea store, a bunch of placemat with birds on them. She loves things with birds. Also will be going to church at my family's church of course and maybe even hope to visit some AR friends in town for Mother's day as well. only if they call me first! :P

how exciting that i only have 2 and a half weeks of public school. it sucks we have to work the 3 last days of May after labor day. ugh...I plan to be in either AR or TX that weekend, AR because I need to visit my buds up there and TX because I was invited to Randy ROberts Potts wedding that weekend and I"m running out of my tube of Crabtree and Evelyn "Nomad" shaving cream and there is an outlet in Plano I can restock up on that stuff. I know what a dumb reason for driving to Dallas. I'll probably either choose between the wedding and my college friends depending how much money I have saved that I could shop with if I went to dallas (for example they have an H&M and Desigual store at North Park Mall there)


Mike said...

8 days left! I cannot believe it! WOO! Get on it!

Anonymous said...

When did they move Labor Day to the end of May?