Thursday, May 17, 2012

mighty THUNDER!!!

my okc buddy S got some tickets at work to the Thunder/Lakers game here in OKC last night and guess who got the other ticket, ME! :) we had a blast although the game started pretty late, 8:30pm. the seats his company had were in a box section behind the goal, and tickets include a buffet dinner wich I took full advantage of. :) The action was non stop, both teams keeping neck and neck close in points and then finally at the end lakers leading, then OKC, then 1 second left time out, then .3 seconds left etc... ha ha. Man how exciting to be in the packed out stadium and hearing the crowd's roar. Every single seat had a white or blue THunder t-shirt for everyone to wear, just a great time. got home after midnight and called in sick to work this morning. I really was sick though. I woke up yesterday with a soar throat due to allergy sinus drainage crap , but it was fine most of the day yesterday, but staying up late last night didn't help and this morning I still woke up with a sore throat so I'm nursing it this morning , taking it easy and blowing my nose as much as possible etc etc. blah sigh. ready for the Weekend! I'll be at work tomorrow and should be a good enough day, the kids have "carnival day" so after 10 am, most of the kids will be down at the school carnival on the football field. Friday night have this gardening club meeting. Saturday I will BE OUT IN THE YARD! :)

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rugbysex said...

sounds great. sorry you feel bad. glad u stayed home. must have been a terrific game. saw some of the highlights.
feel better bud.