Sunday, May 06, 2012

let's wrap this weekend UP.

I survived the weekend! Friday I furiously continued through all the papers grading, Saturday morning also, taking a break now and then to play in the yard a bit. My dad came by after his golf right before I left for pizza lunch and picked up his chainsaw that I couldn't get to work, later in the afternoon I actually finished all the papers and went over to my mom and dad's to see my sis and niece and nephews. man what a great dinner, chicken on the grill and then home made cake after - yum, returned back home by 730 with the chainsaw, my dad had replaced a fuel line that had busted. I finished a project from a week ago sawing up a tree that went down in my yard, then mowed my yard and came inside around 830 to see that my Austin buddy who was visiting OKC had called. HE and a friend were coming over in about an hour. ha.. I picked up various clothes I keep in various places around the front room here, cleaned up my kitchen/bathroom etc.. took trash out , put clothes away and showered and cleaned up by the time they arrived. :) I made them walk back outside with me when they got here so we could all stare up at the FULL MOON and ponder..
then back inside where we began catching up since I haven't seen him since Christmas break and have failed to visit Austin since last year, anyway we discussed that he'd relapsed about a month ago and how he'll be looking for a different job this summer in Austin etc etc... Also we spoke about the church I've been visiting here and the one he really really likes in Austin. He says it's not necessarily a gay accepting church at all, but he goes and likes that it's all about the bible and not any right wing politics or condemnation constantly going on... I've actually been to the church with him before there in Austin and now listen to podcasts now and then. I do like it and am extremely happy he's going etc... We spoke of various different things, I got all political on a few things like illegal immigration and such, and that was sort of funny cause his friend he had with him is a long term gay rights acitivist in Austin and probably has some pretty liberal points of view, ha but we were all kind and civil and just discussed points of view. blah blah.
they were here until 12:30 which kept me up pretty late but MUCH WORTH it to see my buddy.
I hope to get down there this summer and bring my bike and have some fun,
when I walked out of room this morning, it was quite nice finding the front room all cleared out and picked up, so nice. I walked outside and checked out all the plants and flowers then came back in for breakfast, next church with my folks since the sis was in town, and then lunch back at moms, the best pulled pork barbecue sandwiches YUM and more chocolate cake etc...came home eventually and a nice phone chat with my best bud J in Arknasas... he said for me to stay at their place next time I come to visit my friend in town, I may do it. AND THEN tonight the whole family was together in Edmond for a wedding, my niece got married. She is the sister of the niece that got married a few weeks ago in WIchita. She is just as beautiful and the couple was just so gorgeous and in love. very sweet sweet wedding, and the groom and his brother best man were both so goodlooking, I finally decided the best man was the hottest because he's a bit taller, bigger, and younger. ha plus I got this side view of him in his tux pants that seemed so promising.. ha ha. so bad!
anyway, so we went to the reception afterwards and had sandwiches and watched the bride and groom dance a bit etc... really nice time! man I'm beat.
so glad I don't have any classes tomorrow for the two class periods we are double blocking. I'll be testing the ESL kids' English tomorrow instead all morning blah blah, and making lesson plans for the rest of the week etc... only 3 more to go!!! woot woot can't wait for summer. hope everyone had a great weekend.

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