Sunday, May 20, 2012

weekend again

I watched Visual Acoustics: the Photography of Julius Shulman today on Netflix, most of it. Pretty cool film, I'd already seen it once here in OKC a while back, but I liked reviewing the film and properties today.  had a great weekend! Friday night I went to a meeting of this landscape/horticulture club I'm part of and right now I'm church of organizing all the food at events. This one was pot-luck where everyboy chips in a dish, but the club provides the meat. I couldn't figure out exactly what I was going to "provide" and in the long run I jsut got two buckets of KFC chicken. ha
last week after the Thunder/Lakers BBall game I called in sick, because I actually was sick. ha  I'd had a sore throat already Wed before the game, but Thursday morning it was worse, plus I wanted to sleep in after the late nigth bball game.  I did NOTHING Thursday, blew my nose all day mainly while my allergies took their course.  I finished watching the final episodes of "Pasta" on netflix. Friday was an excellent day at work since we only had one hour, the whole school stuck in first hour while they passed out wristbands for the Carnival which began at 10am and lasted the rest of the day.
I got a LOT of papers graded which is awesome, completely caught up and ready to go Monday. only 9 DAYS LEFT!!! woot woot.
everyone ready for the week? I'm ready to get summer started!  looking forward to the long 3 day weekend next week. ah yeah
did anybody recognize the banner earlier? I was trying to pics together of Ty from CBS morning show.. ha

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