Thursday, April 26, 2012

week almost over

survived the day greatly... it helped that 2 boys were absent today ha.  I only had 7 kids all day long and kept them busy with lessons, work, information gap speaking activities, more english work, interactive dvd lessons, and ended with doing the langague lab, where they speak into microphones which records their voices and then I play it back. whoo hoo.
tomorrow I'll have my 2nd year kids all morning and we'll be doing some book work and study prepositions, and then end with making fish wind socks.. ha
will have plan time the rest of the day and hope to get lessons ready for next week and get all the papers from today graded.
I went to my folks' place after school and sat and visited a little bit since I haven't gone to their church the last two weeks. and then borrowed my dad's chainsaw and came home, went to the gym, then back into the city to move furniture with A at 7. got home in time to water some plants outside and then catch Parks and Recreation on tv. now I'm headed to bed. busy day.  Tomorrow night will be at the arts festival, and I am undecided yet if I'll be driving out to Mangum OK or not to see my sis and fam.
It's going to work out really well going to the early service Sunday because my sister and niece are running the full Memorial Marathon downtown so I can go down there in time to cheer them in! :)
I stopped by A's yesterday after work and we had this sort of talk about her partying days after college and then her recently coming back to her faith and God the last few years.  We also discussed the roll of abuse in homosexuality. We both agreed that whether or not a person is born gay, the abuse must have some sort of effect, she and her gf both had experience with a stepfather at home to some degree. the whole topic just disgusts me but discussing such is healthy as I explained the missing male intimacy I had grown up that I thought might have had an effect on me , and also explained to her how I've never been all that sexually active with guys as far as intercourse and how I've always considered the whole thing pretty gross, and having had sex with women, it always seeemed way more natural without any mess or hassle etc... however how I def enjoyed everything else with guys other than that.
it's pretty funny how happy I always am when i'm around my friend A. It's really freeing, something about being with someone you've always known and loved I guess.  I am alwasy telling her how cute and beautiful she is, and she's the kind that doesn't wear a bit of make-up, very fit and short blond hair etc. but just beautiful to me. her gf is dark long haired cutey too. ha
I still half hope they'd ask me to father a kid with them, but I'm not sure if I'd go through with it anyway. ha but it's exciting to consider actually having a real life flesh and blood kid of my own... sigh.
at the gym today was "mr. Miama" as I cal him , this dark haired guy who has no ass and works upper body only, dude do your legs too please!!!!! anyway I call him Mr. Miami because he was his sunglasses the whole time he's working PLEASE DUDE!!!! ugh!!!
in better news though was the nige big huge black guy working out with this shirt on wear the sleeves and sides of the shirt are cut off.... so defined huge and nippled. man oh man.
all right time for dan to hit the hay! hope all are having a good week.

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