Saturday, April 07, 2012

style guy

I am attempting to do a "preppy" homage to rugbysexreader and Ex-Frat-Man blogger... ha ha. I know it's not even close to you style guys' standards probably but still.. I liked some of these looks and thought the pastels looked Eastery... :)


Anonymous said...

hey bro! thanks! the secret to "preppy" is not to try to hard. it's the basics. khaki pants, a polo or oxford cloth shirt, some moccasins.

all that pastel crap is just fashion trends.

Anonymous said...

oops...guess my version is a little broader than 6:44 a.m. it's all of the items he listed plus COLOR. professor...i'm impressed!! i'm not going to be embarrased to admit that i've GOT that striped shirt and those white bucks. and [blush] i even have those peach colored cotton slacks along w/ powder blue oxford cloth slacks and pale yellow linen trousers. oh and don't forget Nantucket reds...they're de rigueur for a prep wardrobe. the only "misses" are clothes that seem too small and slacks that are 2" too short. otherwise spot on.

Name: CT said...

This is an old book and should be (really, really) updated, but it's a great resource for the prep style. Clothes, house, school choice, etc. Nonetheless, some good ideas.