Saturday, April 28, 2012

sabado gigante

well the art's festival was tons of fun, hopefully all you guys in OKC were able to get down there and check it out. I had a good time with buddy S.  I think I've said it before that the main reason everyone turns out for the thing is the FOOD! ha it's true it's true. ha ha.
the Myriad gardens downtown have been completely redone and landscaped so while we walked around and checked out all the crowd, we saw all the new work done everywhere.
oh, and we even had a Governor Mary Fallin sighting. that was pretty cool, just the governor and I think her husband with a few guys walking in front and a few in back. 
this morning I was up and getting all sorts of stuff done around the house, mainly laundry and outside work. THere is this redbud tree that fell down in front of my car port, and I tried to get my dad's little Poulan chain saw to start up-- but the thing just started getting fuel all over my right hand and then when I set it down a bunch of oil gunk was leaking out. I had no idea other than jsut put the thing down, clipped off all the branches I could with my branch cutters, and now I'm waiting to see what dad can tell me about his saw, or I might just go buy a hand saw and get the job done!
I went to the gym at 1130 this morning, then pizza lunch, and then went and got a haircut, next to Horn Seed Nursery and bought a bunch of plants, next to A's house to visit with her and the wife for a while.  We got on the topic of them having a baby and they both agreed they'd like me to be a dad, but we were only half serious.  I'm still waiting for them to say, yeah let's do it!!! of course, I'd have to give it serious consideration, big time. but you know what my heart wants, a real life KID!!!
anyway, I came home and messed around outside some more and now I just finished watching this bizarre film I came across on Netflix, called "Glenn the Flying Robot". oh man it was predictable and bizarro!  played a few tunes on the piano at one point just to take a break, and plus I haven't played in forever anyway.  Tomorrow will be going to an early service so that we can all head down to the Memorial Marathon to cheer in some people running the full marathon, A has some friends and I have a sister and niece running in it. hope all are enjoying the weekend!

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